October 21, 2014

Our Perfect Fall Weekend...

We had a family day Saturday full of everything fall!
We started our morning with a visit to Tannehill State Park. The faculty from my school were having a get together to roast weenies, s'mores, and watch football.
We left a little early to take the boys to the pumpkin patch!

They had a "cotton jumper" full of freshly grown cotton for the kids to jump in. Gage enjoyed that! He was the littlest one but he held his own and played his sweet heart out!

Gage trying to "push, push, push" the pumpkin! 
This is the best picture I could take of a little boy on the run!

Little Lovie's first trip to Old Baker Farm pumpkin patch!

Gage took a ride on the "choo-choo"

Do not get me wrong, we had a blast and I wouldn't trade this memory for the world. BUT I learned a mommy lesson....bring help next time!!! I wish y'all could have seen Lee loaded down with our pumpkin (all four stack on each other) and me wrestling a two year old and 7 month old! It was chaos, but fun chaos I wouldn't trade for the world!! 

We decided to decorate the outside of the house with the pumpkins we got at the patch!

I got our wooden pumpkins at Tannehill that morning! I thought they went perfectly with our pallet sign! 

How cute are the pumpkin they offered?! I have always seen just your regular pumpkin, but these were unique and perfect!
Graham's is the little yellow one and Gage's is the orange and white one ;)

On Sunday, we went to church. Gage wanted to go play in the nursery so I took him back. I tried to sneak out while he was busy. He lasted about 20 minutes then wanted his momma. I asked them to come get me if he started crying so they did. I was thankful for that, I can't stand the thought of him crying for me.

We brought home bar-b-q  after church and I decided to do a little photo shoot since the boys were styling in their fall colors.

A tiny pumpkin JUST his size;)

Graham wasn't too happy when our visitors showed up to visit him. It didn't take long for that precious smile to return though! ;)

 Photo shoots are much easier with a 7 months old compared to a two year old. I still snapped what I could. Mr. Grumpy had just woke up from his nap.

Of course, he had to finish up his milk...

 This is the look I got in 90% of the pictures... Little attitude!!

 He decided to "CHEEEEESE" for one shot...

NOW here's my sweet boy...

 This is the smirk he makes when he is embarrassed... ;)

Trying to get a picture of both at the same time was even more fun... I'm sure you can imagine!

If you can remeber our gender reveal party from last year, the last little pumpkin was a questions mark... 

Well, THIS year the question mark is the sweet little BOY you see below! :)

We ended our weekend by changing into comfy clothes and relaxing at home and catching up on football!!

Thank you Lord for allowing me to share these precious memories with my precious family!!


October 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Family Pictures..

At the end of the summer, my sister took some beautiful pictures of our family... 
Graham was 4 months here and Gage was just under two.
Hope you enjoy!


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