August 23, 2011


 This evening I FINALLY took some pictures of our house so I MADE time to share them with you all.
I seriously did not plan on taking THIS long, but we have been extremely busy (blah, blah, blah) Like I've said before, I know everyone in America is busy so I hate saying that but we really have been crazy busy.
Between getting this house SOMEWHAT together and getting my classroom together, I did not even think about blogging (Welll, I did make time to look at y'alls blog) BUT you know what I mean;)

Anyway, so HERE SHE IS!
With the bright yellow security system sign shining RIGHT in front of the house and all!!!haha

This is the sidewalk going from the driveway to our back porch/patio.
We decided to stamp our sidewalk and I LOVE them. Totally worth the $$$! :)

You can see we have part of our deck screened and part open (obviously) But we also have a patio under the deck. The stamped concrete continues to the patio as well. We plan to put a swing and maybe a small table.Also, we plan to paint the deck chocolate when the wood does........something!(Whatever Lee always says;)

Right side of our house. My pretty window is much prettier in person, oh yeah, maybe it's the green sheet hanging taking the shine away!!;)

Upclose pic of our pots. 
Ok, so we went like two weekends ago to get pots and flowers and needless to say we were a little late on everything. We went to 5 different places and finally came across these. I thought they turned out perfectly though. The plants aren't my first choice, but they turned out pretty good for what I had to choose from. 

We also stamped our front sidewalk. (We think the orange/red hose pipe adds a little character;)

You can not tell in person, but our lot is a corner lot, so our house sits at an angle on the lot. :)

I am still looking for window boxes to put under the two larger windows with shutters. 
Any suggestions on places to get them is welcome!!

Hope you like it!

I look forward to showing you all the inside!!! But we are waiting on the other half of our furniture! It is supposed to be in the end of August... so SOON! I will tell you all the furniture story in a later post.
I hope to get my sister over here to take some better pictures when the inside is complete. My 7 year old camera has GOT TO GO! Nikon D3020404 (whatever the # is) PLEASE;)
Like I said earlier, worked hard on my little classroom this summer. I have some before and after pictures I hope to share soon (HINT for my sister) By the way, I could not have done it without my sister's, mom's, and friend Ale's help this summer. THANKS SO MUCH!

We are going to the lake for the FIRST time this summer/year this weekend! 
Camping/ lake/ boat riding/ relaxing/ pigging out EATING  HERE I COME!

 Things have SOMEWHAT slowed down, so I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis!

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