December 31, 2011

Christmas Recap 2011

 Christmas Eve, we spend with my dad's side of the family, then head to Lee's parents house to eat/open gifts with his sister and family! 

 Us w/ Our Niece & Nephew on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day, we went to my parent's for breakfast. Then headed to church for a wonderful service. Home to take a nap. My grandmother's for dinner/gifts. Then back to mom's for more gift opening! 
Here is our load this year!:)

My side:

Lee's side:

We are also going to get my camera, FINALLY, soon!:)
I know this was short and to the point; didn't want to bore you too bad! 

December 19, 2011

Monday Memories/ Outside Christmas Decor


I was pretty much exhausted after going on a field trip and having a Christmas party for 23 little third graders! BUT I was VERY excited about going to my sisters for dinner and shopping with my mom & sister. We left for the mall about 7:00 and shopped until about 10:30. I got EVERYTHING done (not wrapped YET though)! The mall stayed open late and it was not crowded AT ALL. We plan on making it a tradition every year. We had a blast, as always!


I woke up early so I could make our goodies to take to Lee's family Christmas party. I made corn dip and bacon wrapped club crackers! We headed to the Christmas party which was wonderful. Saturday night we had a date night, our original plan was Firebirds but it was packed, so we settled for Panera Bread. After dinner we went to Cracker Barrel so I could get the ornaments I have been eying for a while now! I always wait until they are 40 % off. I was too late for one type, but I got ALL of the other type!


We had our choir special at church Sunday morning, then Lee and I headed to lunch at Firebirds for a BLT salad. We then went to Walmart for groceries, home for a nap, and BACK TO CHURCH!

Now for our outside decorations.....

Mom and I made our "P" wreath a couple of years ago and it has held up wonderfully!

Mom and I found something we loved in Grandin Road's magazine so we decided to remake it, 
so this is our Grandin Road remake!.... much cheaper (and prettier, if I have to say so MYSELF!;)

Sorry such poor quality, it is much prettier in person but this is the best my old little camera will do... (HINT HINT!;)
Hope y'all had a BLESSED weekend!:)

December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving this Wednesday.....

 I'm linking up with Jamie today....

I am loving..... looking out from the kitchen onto our deck and seeing my freshly planted flowers! :)

I am loving.... my fresh flowers in our dining room. There is nothing like cleaning your house and putting out fresh flowers! (I am such a dork;)

I am loving.... my new jewelry rack Lee FINALLY graciously hung for me last weekend! ;)
I got it at Christmas Village a few weeks ago. I can see actually see what I have!

I am loving.... our new Christmas tradition my family has started! Every Friday night POSSIBLE in December we are all getting together, eating (of course;) and having family time! Makes me happy:)

I am loving.... that next week is only two days of school then off for CHRISTMAS!

I am loving..... how well behaved my students have been the past two days. It's amazing how playing soft Christmas music calms their little minds!

I am loving.... life!;)

Going to check out what everyone else is loving today!


December 12, 2011

Welcome to Our Christmas Home!

 I LOVE CHRISTMAS and spend way too much money on decor BUT it's worth it! 
I love coming home and turning on ALL the lights and curling up on the couch... ;)


The Family Room

Our Stockings
Mom and I created these way before Ballard Design ever thought about them! ;)
 Eventually, I want to put leopard paw prints in each circle for little man...

Keeping Room

Center of kitchen table....

 I got a few things for the dining room this year.. I look forward to finding some more beauties after Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed!
I will post pictures of the outside soon!

Have a BLESSED week!

December 2, 2011

1 Year Anniversary Trip Memories.....

 Our Anniversary falls during a great time of year for Lee and I because we get an extra day off for Veterans Day, so that makes for a perfect time to celebrate! We got engaged two years ago, October 17th, at Gatlinburg, we go every year anyway, but we thought it was a good time to go just the two of us and celebrate our FIRST year of marriage. I absolutely LOVE it there this time of year, it was perfect weather and they had just lit ALL of the beautiful Christmas lights!

 We got engaged at the alter of an old white church in Cades Cove, and right after the proposal we got a picture at the alter so every year I have to get our picture. (The joys of being by yourself on trips just the two of you, you have to take pictures of each other... yuck) But at least we got it!

If you look real closely, there is a baby bear holding on for dear life in the tree to the right! It's my first time to ever see one!:)

We always have to eat at our favorite restaurants and the Old Mill is one of them!

Our attempt of getting a picture of the two of us... fail;(

 We had to ride the chair lifts to the top of Gatlinburg!

This waterfall is one of Lee's favorite spots....

Shopping is always fun in G'burg too! I got a piece of pottery to add to my collection (A COOKIE JAR this time!), some shirts and craves, and some pajamas!

This is a boring post, but just wanted to document some memories!
It was a trip I will never forget, thankful for an amazing year with an amazing husband!.... Looking at pictures makes me want to go back!

Have a BLESSED Friday!!
We have our house all decorated for my favorite time of year! Hope to share those with you soon!:)

November 7, 2011

Monday Memories....


Lee and his cousin started putting up our privacy fence the middle of last week, so Friday night Lee had to spend an hour after work cement the post and I sat on the couch and FINALLY joined the Pinterest train! Bare with me though, still learning;)! We wanted to grab something close so we went to a local Bar-B-Q joint. We then headed home and relaxed and watched more TV! It was a much needed laid-back evening.


Saturday morning my mom, Lee's mom, my sister, our friend and some more friends headed out for a girl's day at Christmas Village! I was determined to find me some goodies this year and it was a success. 

I found this sign to add to our Thanksgiving decor....
 I also got some scarfs, a shirt, and Christmas frame I will show around Christmas time, an earring/necklace holder, and a beautiful bird house I will show when it is placed in it's designated spot! 

And MiMi bought little man sweater! He has been freezing since he got his new haircut (lion cut;)

 After our successful shopping trip, mom and I headed to the store to get some grub for the BIG GAME.
I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs (as mom always says:)
We had steak, shrimp, and chicken kabobs, fresh green beans, corn on the kob, hash brown casserole, and we ended it with strawberry shortcake (red & white for ROLL TiDE!)
I know, sad we lost but still I will always wear crimson & white! :)

 Last weekend, we stained the deck, we are quickly marking things off of our TO-DO-LIST!
It looks much better!

Our privacy fence... 
It has some tweaking to do and of course, It now has to be stained but looks pretty good! :)
Still got some touches to add under our patio, but we will get there ONE DAY!
Waiting on spring to make get some pretties!


Sunday, we got up and I worked out (I am back working out! On my second week!) 
We went to church and had a wonderful service. For lunch we went to Milo's (not too healthy, OOPS) Then headed home and Lee did some work outside and I sat around... again;)
We went to my sister's for dinner to celebrate her and my mom's November Birthdays! 

Have a BLESSED Monday!!
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