March 29, 2013

Happy 7 Months, Baby Boy!

Pictures are quiet an adventure now with this little stinker!
He was in such a good mood during this "photo session". He was kicking and laughing.
It was so darn cute!

Poor teddy now has a broken neck...

We did not go to the doctor this month. Last month he was sick the next day. I am waiting until all of this sickness is over to take him back.
His weight has definitely slowed down because the child never sits still. If we are watching TV, he is rolling all over the place.

He has mastered "da da". He will even say it when Lee comes home from work.
Pulling up to his knees
Rolling over and over and over...
Holding his bottle (when he's not being lazy)
Picking up sippy-cup and putting it to his mouth (doesn't tilt head back yet!)
Chewing like a big boy!
He REALLY dislikes being on his belly, but he will scoot and bring his knees under him. He has rocked back-and-forth a few times too!

Trip to the Zoo!

Spring break spent with mommy...

First attempt at Yogurt bites... and LOVES them!

Trip to Tannehill State Park
(They really enjoyed it, can't you tell;)

First time playing in the dirt...

He enjoyed playing in the "ball pit"!

Aunt Lynie gave him his first mohawk!

Anything you put in his mouth... he is a bottomless pit!


Playing in the bathtub

Being in his birthday suit!
(Watch out ladies!)

He loves to be on-the-go at all times! 

Other updates:

He is taking mostly 6 ounce bottles every four hours. He get a oatmeal/fruit mix for breakfast, fruit and vegetable for lunch, and fruit and vegetable for dinner. He gets water in his sippy-cup for each meal. We have been ordering him sweet potatoes, baby carrots, etc. when we go out to dinner. Everything we have put in his mouth he has loved. Nothing affects this boy's tummy, thankfully
He is wearing size four diapers and mostly 9 month clothes. He goes to bed about 9:00 and usually wakes one time during the night. That time usually being about 3:00. We attempted two nights in our crib, and he screamed until he was shaking. Daddy couldn't take it and asked me, "Do we HAVE to put him up there tonight?" I caved in (shocker) and he hasn't been back in his crib yet! That being said, he is in his pack-n-play RIGHT by mommy and at about 5:30, he is IN THE BED WITH MOMMY & DADDY (gasp)! I know,  I know... people say I am going to regret it, but right now... IT WORKS FOR US!

We love you to the moon and back, Monkey!

March 28, 2013

Project: Getting My Life Together...

Last week was our Spring Break... Oh how I miss you!
But we do not have much longer and it made me SO excited to spend the entire summer with my little buddy!
During my time- off,  it was my goal to get our home back to our "Pre-baby home" if you know what I mean. Let's just say, you have to clean at a different pace with a 6 month old! It took me ALL week to complete my list.
I love to be organized but when you become a full- time working mommy... Your priorities change...

Do not judge... BUT this is our closet before... EEEKK!

After 4 big garbage bags full of STUFF... this is what we got!
I know, it's not the beautiful Pinterest closets that have velvet hangers and matching baskets, but THIS girl refuses to spend a lot of money on all that non-sense. These are baskets from our Basket Shower that was given to us before our wedding...

I organized our bathroom...
I've always had a make-up bag but decided I would try a make-up drawer. So far so good!

I then moved on to the "butler's pantry" (since we have our very own butler, you know;)
I printed some free labels from Pinterest and laminated them...
I put Gage's babyfood in the drawers... it works great!

It felt SO good to mark the last things off my list!

Linking up for SAW. PINNED IT. DID IT..

I even completed a Pinterest project!

I saw this...
Inexpensive scarves holder idea made of a hanger and shower curtain rings

I knew I wanted to do something easy and of course, cheap!
I had the white hangers and bought clear shower curtain hooks from Walmart for like $2.
I just doubled up scotch tape to secure each hook and this is what I got!
I decided to do one row of hooks on two separate hangers.
So far, it works perfectly. Cheap, convenient, and it only took about 30 minutes!

I also organized all drawers, the pantry, kitchen, and even the medicine cabinet... 
ALL with this little helper by my side the entire time! :)

Have a BLESSED Thursday!

March 22, 2013

First Zoo Trip

On Tuesday of Spring Break, my teacher friends and our babies decided to have a zoo trip!
It was an absolute perfect day for the zoo!
It was Hudson's, Caleb's, and Gage's first zoo visit...

Hudson, Gage Caleb, & Ryleigh

Caleb & Gage checking out the monkeys...

Hudson & Gage could not figure out the rooster!

The goat may eat my child but I got my darn picture!:)

Gage & Ryleigh scootin'... 
Gage looks like he is really driving;)

Look at my big boy! :(

"I'll take that!"

Our sweet babies...

The zoo wore him out!

We are so blessed to have The Ashworth Adventures, Raising a Ross, and Glitter & Grease in our lives!:)
Go visit their blogs & see their sweet babies!
 (Maybe Jessica will start blogging more if she has an audience;)

This Spring Break has been perfect and makes me even MORE excited that SUMMER is just around the corner!! 

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