March 22, 2013

First Zoo Trip

On Tuesday of Spring Break, my teacher friends and our babies decided to have a zoo trip!
It was an absolute perfect day for the zoo!
It was Hudson's, Caleb's, and Gage's first zoo visit...

Hudson, Gage Caleb, & Ryleigh

Caleb & Gage checking out the monkeys...

Hudson & Gage could not figure out the rooster!

The goat may eat my child but I got my darn picture!:)

Gage & Ryleigh scootin'... 
Gage looks like he is really driving;)

Look at my big boy! :(

"I'll take that!"

Our sweet babies...

The zoo wore him out!

We are so blessed to have The Ashworth Adventures, Raising a Ross, and Glitter & Grease in our lives!:)
Go visit their blogs & see their sweet babies!
 (Maybe Jessica will start blogging more if she has an audience;)

This Spring Break has been perfect and makes me even MORE excited that SUMMER is just around the corner!! 

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  1. Whoa those bikes (and babies!) are so cute! Did you rent them? The bikes that is haha


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