August 9, 2013

Happy 11 Months, Wild Man!

Finally getting to his 11 month post... I took the pictures on time, just slacking on the details!
Crazy to think we have one more "sticker picture". 
My baby boy is going to be ONE in 2 short weeks.

Rocking chair pictures have turned into this...

I spy two little toofies... FINALLY!

He climbed out of the bumbo and had to investigate it...

And then we have to destroy ALL of mommy's hard work of freshly, folded clothes.

22 pounds

  • Words we have mastered: 
-byebye has turned into the softest, sweetest bye. He sounds like such a big boy when he says it!
-dada, mama
(bite, ball, and bye all sound alike but he refers to them correctly;)

  • He will stand for a few seconds but we have a cautious little guy on our hands!
  • We FINALLY got our first tooth! Bottom left broke through first and the second was about 2 weeks later. Honestly, he has been a pretty good teether...SO FAR!

  • He is a pro at climbing our stairs, still practicing coming down but that a favorite thing to do!

  • He went on his first beach vacation with my family (my parents, brother, sister, and us). It was a blast, as always.
This is monkey in his master suite at the beach... MiMi and Poppy hooked us up!:)

He built his first sand castle with daddy...

He went to Shuckums for the first time and we had to hang him up a dollar!

On the way home, we always stop by Peach Park for apple pies and ice cream. Little Man got to make his first appearance this year!

He also met his Aunt Leech for the first time... he LOVED her!


He loves sharing daddy's cheerios at night! The picture below is when daddy ran out. He was so upset!

He also loves to lick the salt off of daddy's cashews at night. It is their nightly routine!

He still loves riding the mule... when he wants to ride he makes motor noises with his mouth. :)

He loves anything with wheels and makes loud noises. Every time he sees a car, truck, golf cart, he makes motor noises.

He loves when we are going up stairs for daddy to chase us and pretend he's going to get him. He dies out laughing! 

He loves cheese curl puffs, he can never get enough!

And of course, he loves his baby brother/sister:)

We cannot forget that he made a HUGE announcement this month too!

Other updates:
He has such a sweet personality and well-behaved MOST of the time;). Of course, we think he is so smart! He is still sleeping in his pack n' play until about 3:00, then he gets in bed with us. He is eating 3 to 4 bottles a day, starting to cut back and transition to whole milk. We have started giving him table food when we have something his little gums can chew. He still gets his fruits and veggies. He loves cheese curl puffs, that is usually dessert for him...he would eat an entire container if I'd let him. He drinks water with all of his meals. He prefers just water, which I'm thankful for. He is in 12 month clothes, size 3 shoes (some 4), and size 3 diapers. 
He is such a blessing and I cannot thank God enough for choosing us to be his parents.


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