April 29, 2010

What's new in our world?....

Slacking on the blogging lately... and this week, I have no excuse.....

So... what's new in our world??.....
  • I will start first with the important news!!!... I PASSED THE PRAXIS!!!... All I have to do is graduate now!:)

  • I am done with school for a whole month!! It feels so crazy not having school/homework... I feel like I am doing something wrong...

  • This week was also my last week of work! (at Let's Cheer)... so I am truly on a break. We start back the second week of June!

  • I felt so weird not being busy with school and work, that I started Rosetta Stone! I am starting with Espanol... I have learned man, woman, girl, boy, car, airplane, cat, dog, just some basic words:) I'm such a dork....

  • MY WEDDING DRESS IS IN! We are going to pick it up soon, I will also pick out my veil and invitations (I get my invitations half off for getting my dress at Diane's;)

  • We met with the caterer/florist last Thursday... and everything is pretty much done! I will go with the florist to pick out flowers closer to time.

  • Mom and I picked out and ordered my Bride Book! I love it... I will post pictures when it arrives! My bridesmaid dresses are a hard color to match, but we got pretty close;)

  • We ordered bridesmaid gifts and they arrived yesterday! So exciting:)

  • I have a wedding list I would like to complete while I am on break....

To name a few:

1. get my flutes engraved (BTW I got them free from Lenox

just for registering for a certain amount of their products!)

2. Find cake server, shoes (cute idea in mind), jewelry, garter

(another cute idea in mind;), etc.

3. Find flower girl dress...

4. Pick up dress! Pick out veil! and Pick out invitations!

  • I took off my FAKE nails, hoping to grow my own... I try this every 3 months and it never works! I cannot handle them snagging things and breaking all the time!! But I'm still going to attempt it again... If anyone has any tips, let me know;)

  • I have started my wedding work-out! :) I used to work-out 4-5 days a week.... I usually ran approximately 15 miles a week, along with conditioning and weight lifting. Honestly, I have not worked out at all in about 2/3 months! (Happiness also brought me about 10 extra pounds as well) But I am trying to make a change, QUICKLY! I ran/walked 1 mile Monday, 1 mile Tuesday, and 1 mile Wednesday, and Lee and I ran the whole mile today... I am so sore and that is so sad:(But at least it's a start... I have also been trying to eat healthier... Everyone thinks I'm a healthy eater, but I am a TERRIBLE eater!!... Milo's, Guses, french fries (my weakness), sweets, anything junk food! This week, I have been incorporating some fruits and veggies, and cutting back as well (minus the full plate of lasagna I ate tonight... Lee's mom makes the best in the world and I REFUSE to let it go to waste;) ANYWAY, this is all a start, and my goal is to get back to my "old self" which consist of working out and eating healthy (the majority of the time;) If I loose too much weight I look awkward, but I would like to loose about 8 pounds (random number, I know) I mainly want to tone up more and just feel healthier! Wish me luck.. I will try to keep everyone updated!

I know this was a random post! But I hope to get back on track with the blogging:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

April 27, 2010

Engagement Pictures...

I have really been slacking on posting engagement pictures... I have kinda lost track of which ones I have already posted... OoPS:)
Hope you haven't seen these and I hope you enjoy!!

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April 18, 2010

Our First Trip to Smith Lake!

Yesterday, Me, Lee, Amy, Dave, and the Kids went to Smith Lake for the day! It was my first visit to Smith Lake and the water was so blue & pretty! I love riding around looking at the beautiful houses! We packed a picnic lunch and just rode around and relaxed!

Amy and Dave just bought a new boat too! So now we are all able to go together:)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Spring Time!

We dressed our little house up a bit and added a little Spring color! Still have a few finishing touches..... Of course, I've got to add a "P" to the wreath!:)

I love this time of the year!!!:)
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April 17, 2010

I am finally caught up.... I know I say this all the time, but this has been my busiest semester in my whole college career!! SO.... school, work, and homework has been the story of my life for the past 3 weeks and the next WEEK!!! If I make it thorough the next week, it will be smooth sailing...
Today we are taking our boat to Smith Lake for our very first ride!! YAY! We have been trying to go the past two weekends but the weather was not cooperating. We are going with Amy, Dave, and the kiddos! So, I am taking a "homework-break" until we get home this evening!

After next week the blog will be back on track (Like anyone cares;)

Have a Wonderful Weekend:)

Easter Sunday!

We decided to visit Dave and Amy's church... we really enjoyed it and plan to go back!

Look at these precious babie! Colson is wearing Lee's bow-tie from when he was a litte boy;)

Lee's Parents and the babies

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Happy Birthday to ME!!

Momma got me a cake from my FAVORITE place on Earth!

All of my presents!! I got $MONEY$, a precious ring holder (leopard skin high-heel;) and a iron, candle decoration from my registry!

The whole family (my brother too). He is just too cool to get in the picture... We went to eat at Petruccelli's
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Flower Girl Dresses!!!

This little cutie-pie is one of my flower girls! Her name is Ansleigh Kate.... She is my cousin and the only baby we have in our family, so you can imagine how rotten this little girl is;) She is truly the sweetest 2 year old EVER! She has the best personality... she will go to anybody... BUT, she did not want to try on flower girl dresses.... she screamed and screamed!! Her face was so red, I felt so bad for her! Needless to say, we didn't get the dress on her, but she will be fine.... ;) She was in a wedding when she was 1 and she did great!
We will be going to Georgia the first of May to celebrate Princess' 3rd birthday!

My mom, my Aunt, grandmother, & my cousin Danyelle:)
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April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Well, yesterday April 2nd, I turned 23!!!
On my birthday, I taught my very first "real" lesson to a precious kindergarten class at Helena Elementary!! It was so much fun... and I am so glad I chose to be a teacher!(Yes, all you negative Nancy's that have always said, "You are going to regret this!" "Being a teacher is so hard!!" "You better not be doing this for the money!"..... again, I AM SO GLAD I CHOSE TO BE A TEACHER!!) I can not tell you how many times someone has asked me what I am going to school for and I always get a negative, rude comment in return... I just think that is so rude! I understand teaching is a hard job; I have been working with children for 5 years now, I know it's tough, but I could never say that to someone! Since I can remember, I have said I will be a teacher, and that is the only thing in the world I can see myself doing! Ok... had to get that out;) I have been working with this class for about 3 weeks now, and it has been so much fun... One little boy asked me to marry him..haha.. He has big blue eyes and blonde hair, and he is constantly giving me the I LOVE YOU sign... I hated to break his little heart...
Anyway, the lesson went great and they seemed to have so much fun!
Last night, the beau and I went to eat at, of course, FIREBIRDS, then we went to crackerbarrel to get the Easter decorations on SALE! I love Easter decor!! Our next stop was Lowe's! We got some pretty pots, and lots of beautiful flowers for Lee's (OUR) house!! I have been wanting to get some to dress "our" little house up! I wish you could have seen me trying to pick out flowers, I do not have a CLUE what to look for!! Luckily, the woman said if I they die in the next few weeks I could bring them back! You better believe I stuck that receipt in a safe place;) I will post pictures later..
Today, I am doing HOMEWORK, HOMEWORK, HOMEWORK, while my sweetheart puts out the flowers!
I thought since I am now the BIG 2-3, I would post 23 things about me....:)
1. I am in love with a wonderful man (I'm sure that shocks you;)
2. I am a HUGE family girl.... didn't even go away for college because I didn't want to leave my family....
3. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart.
4. My sister is my best friend in the entire world.
5. I have a beautiful cat named Camden...
6. I am graduating in December.... Of course, I will take whatever job I get, I understand finding a job right now is tough, but I would love to eventually teach Kindergarten or 2nd grade:)
7. One of my biggest fears is not being able to have children...I would love to be blessed with 3/4 children.
8. I am extremely organized... I make lists to make lists, and I wake up in the middle of the night to make lists. (Sad, I know)
9. I love beauty supply... anything girly.
10. My favorite thing to do is get my hair, nails, toes, and eyebrows waxed; tan, all in one day (Wierd, I know;)
11. I am obsessed with keeping track of memories by blogging, keeping a journal, and pictures (I LOVE PICTURES)
12. Milos and Guses are two of my favorite things!
13. Eventually, I want a grey, blue-eyed Great Dane- weimerwiener (spelling?) mix, and a grey/blue-eyed rat terrier (Lee wants a jack russell terrior, that would be fine too;)
I want a mini- farm one day too!! (Poor Lee)
14. I ALWAYS tend to buy black, or black/white. (It drives Hooch crazy;)
15. I always have a plan for EVERYTHING! (Even a house plan..haha)
16. I LOVE Wind Creek, a day on the lake/river, campfires, anything outdoors.
17. I love Lifetime movies and Lee hates that I do;)... (Watching one as I type this)
18. I love working out... even though this busy semester has caused me to get totally off track!
19. The beach is my favorite, and GATLINBURG!
20. I have a list of things I want to accomplish in life. (Imagine that)
21. I would love to learn to sew, and cook.. (Got a long way to go!!)
22. did I mention I am in love with a wonderful man???:)
23. I love my life... wouldn't have it any other way.... ;)
Tonight Lee and I are joining my family for dinner and birthday cake!
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
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