April 29, 2010

What's new in our world?....

Slacking on the blogging lately... and this week, I have no excuse.....

So... what's new in our world??.....
  • I will start first with the important news!!!... I PASSED THE PRAXIS!!!... All I have to do is graduate now!:)

  • I am done with school for a whole month!! It feels so crazy not having school/homework... I feel like I am doing something wrong...

  • This week was also my last week of work! (at Let's Cheer)... so I am truly on a break. We start back the second week of June!

  • I felt so weird not being busy with school and work, that I started Rosetta Stone! I am starting with Espanol... I have learned man, woman, girl, boy, car, airplane, cat, dog, just some basic words:) I'm such a dork....

  • MY WEDDING DRESS IS IN! We are going to pick it up soon, I will also pick out my veil and invitations (I get my invitations half off for getting my dress at Diane's;)

  • We met with the caterer/florist last Thursday... and everything is pretty much done! I will go with the florist to pick out flowers closer to time.

  • Mom and I picked out and ordered my Bride Book! I love it... I will post pictures when it arrives! My bridesmaid dresses are a hard color to match, but we got pretty close;)

  • We ordered bridesmaid gifts and they arrived yesterday! So exciting:)

  • I have a wedding list I would like to complete while I am on break....

To name a few:

1. get my flutes engraved (BTW I got them free from Lenox

just for registering for a certain amount of their products!)

2. Find cake server, shoes (cute idea in mind), jewelry, garter

(another cute idea in mind;), etc.

3. Find flower girl dress...

4. Pick up dress! Pick out veil! and Pick out invitations!

  • I took off my FAKE nails, hoping to grow my own... I try this every 3 months and it never works! I cannot handle them snagging things and breaking all the time!! But I'm still going to attempt it again... If anyone has any tips, let me know;)

  • I have started my wedding work-out! :) I used to work-out 4-5 days a week.... I usually ran approximately 15 miles a week, along with conditioning and weight lifting. Honestly, I have not worked out at all in about 2/3 months! (Happiness also brought me about 10 extra pounds as well) But I am trying to make a change, QUICKLY! I ran/walked 1 mile Monday, 1 mile Tuesday, and 1 mile Wednesday, and Lee and I ran the whole mile today... I am so sore and that is so sad:(But at least it's a start... I have also been trying to eat healthier... Everyone thinks I'm a healthy eater, but I am a TERRIBLE eater!!... Milo's, Guses, french fries (my weakness), sweets, anything junk food! This week, I have been incorporating some fruits and veggies, and cutting back as well (minus the full plate of lasagna I ate tonight... Lee's mom makes the best in the world and I REFUSE to let it go to waste;) ANYWAY, this is all a start, and my goal is to get back to my "old self" which consist of working out and eating healthy (the majority of the time;) If I loose too much weight I look awkward, but I would like to loose about 8 pounds (random number, I know) I mainly want to tone up more and just feel healthier! Wish me luck.. I will try to keep everyone updated!

I know this was a random post! But I hope to get back on track with the blogging:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I was the same way with my nails & couldn't stand it when they would snag or just break off so I would get the fake nails put on again. The last set I had was for my wedding, once those came off I was determined to stop biting my nails & let them grow. It took a good 6 months + to get them strong enough to not break & it did get frustrating but you just have to stick with it. I bought the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, I think it says to apply it every other day, which I did for a few weeks but it just became a hassle. So, I decided to apply it every Sunday; I would take the polish off on Saturday to let the nail breath for a good 24 hours then reapply on Sunday. YOU WILL START TO SEE A CHANGE! I hope this helps?!?

    About the cake cutter & server, they have some on sale at Things Remembered(as of Monday anyways). And they have some sets on sale($100) which include the toasting glasses & something else I think. I know you have your toasting glasses but an idea would be to use the Lenox ones on your anniversary every year & put the engraved ones from Things Remembered in your China Cabinet?? Just a thought!

    Let me know if I can help!

  2. I will try that! I have been trying to put so many coats on, trying to get them stronger, and I end up messing them up!lol I'm definitely going to try that! Thanks Nik...

    And, that is a great idea! I didn't even think about that... I bet I can get a better deal on a whole set anyway! I just may do that!:) YAY! Thanks again!!


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