November 28, 2012

Fall/Christmas Family Pictures!

 Over Thanksgiving break, my wonderful sister took some amazing Fall/Christmas pictures of our little family!
I love how they turned out... she is pretty much amazing!
I have Christmas cards created and ordered but I wanted to share some others with you all!

It's so hard to choose, but here a some of my favorites:

Go check out my sister's website here!

Thank you Lyndsey Cunningham Photography:)

November 27, 2012

Women Connect

I have been following Becky @ From Mrs. to Momma for at least 2 years now. I read on her blog a couple of weeks ago and saw the Women Connect link-up she was hosting and wanted to join!

My blog started out as a "wedding blog," then became a place where I documented our house building process, and now I guess you would consider it a "mommy blog." I blog about many fun topics, but I mainly document memories I want to cherish forever.

A little bit about me:
  • I am the baby of three. 
I have an older sister, who I consider my very best friend, and an older brother, who is pretty much... the best!

  • My husband, Lee, and I married November 20, 2010.
 (You can read more about our wedding here!)

(Read more about building our home here)

  • I have a passion for decorating our home. 
( I have started a "home tour" on our blog and plan to continue that soon!)

  • I began my teaching career about 3 months after we got married. I am currently a third grade teacher.
  • We love traveling, the outdoors, and of course, ALABAMA FOOTBALL.

And now for the MOST IMPORTANT fact!
 This little guy has taken over!
On August 24, 2012, our lives changed forever. We welcomed our precious baby boy into the world. Honestly,  (do not hate me when I say this) BUT adjusting to mommyhood was fairly easy for me. DO NOT get me wrong, I am no PRO, obviously there were struggles, but for the most part, it just clicked! I cannot take all the credit though...Gage is a very good baby, I am told my next one will be a DIFFERENT story!;) The biggest struggle for me was (and is) returning to work. I am currently adjusting to leaving my angel 5 days a week to teach 19 (pretty amazing) 8 year olds. Thankfully, those 19 sweet faces make everyday interesting and full of adventure
It's definitely not easy leaving him everyday, but it works for our family... for now. 

(You can catch up on our birth story and other fun posts you will find under the label "All things baby." )

Reading other "mommy blogs" has helped give me encouragement as a working mom. Thank you so much for stopping by our little blog.  I look forward to blog hopping and finding more amazing blogs to follow along!

Have a BLESSED week!

November 20, 2012

Our Anniversary....

I have been married to this man....

for 2 years today!

I tried to "set him up" on 4 dates, but I thank God he had me in mind the whole time! ;)

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

You are pretty much.... perfect! 
I love you more than ever!

November 15, 2012

First Trip to Gatlinburg As A Family of 3!

Lee's favorite place is Gatlinburg and I love it too (my favorite is the beach though)....  We have been looking forward to our first trip with Gage since I found out I was pregnant.

 He's out right when we exit our neighborhood!

 Our first stop was the outlets! I did some Christmas shopping for our baby boy! It's crazy that we are Santa this year;)
After shopping, we ate a late lunch at The Old Mill (Lee's favorite). I had honey cured ham and Lee had pot roast. 

Lee had to get a picture by the mill....

That evening, we walked around Gatlinburg, enjoyed hot chocolate and I got me a caramel apple!
 (Gage was a snuggled up bear the first night!)

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at The Log Cabin Pancake House (my favorite).
Then we headed to Cades Cove!
Lee has been talking about getting a picture by this sign all year, so that we did!
 (Best pic we could get from a stranger;)

 We made it to Cades Cove!
 And we picked up a little moose on our way there.... a cute one at that!;)

We spotted a buck and I got out to take some close ups!

While at Cades Cove we had to stop by the little church we got engaged in!
 We lost his moose toboggan at this point and I was really upset, so we didn't even go in...  just call me a brat;)

We had to turn around and go all the way back around (about 30 minutes out of the way) to find the moose hat had fallen out of my lap when I jumped out to take pictures of the buck. We found it in the leaves though! I was a happy momma again;)

Just look at this little boy....

He possibly has the cutest pouty face I've ever seen... I may be just a little biased;)

He even had a moose on his booty... I told you I was obsessed!:)

After watching BAMA lose :(.... we hung out in Gatlinburg again...

Lee thought we had to get pictures by every creek in Gatlinburg!ha

Our little froggy by the creek!

 For dinner, we ate at Calhoun's Steakhouse! It was pretty good!
Then we walked around, listened to music, and I got me some more delicious hot chocolate!


Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at another pancake house in Pigeon Forge.
We really didn't have plans for Sunday, we just hung out!

We stopped by The Christmas Place, where we hope to stay when Gage is a little older.
Santa is not dead, he's fake;)
 I bought us 2 personalized ornaments, one being Gage's first Christmas ornament! They turned out super cute! 

Lee then spotted ANOTHER creek by The Apple Barn, so you know what that meant... :)

We then stopped by ANOTHER creek behind The Old Mill restaurant
Gage LOVED the ducks... he was talking to them and kicking his little legs with excitement.

 Nothing like a little drool on your shirt.... He's still adorable!

We ate a small lunch overlooking Gatlinburg.

Then headed back to the hotel.
Lee wanted to take Gage to his first trip to the pool, which ended up being the hot tub! The pool wasn't heated like we thought!

That night, we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed Gatlinburg our last night!

Sunday, we ate breakfast at the Apple Barn and headed home!
We got home around 1:00 and unpacked and prepared for our week back in the real world!

It was a trip I will never forget. I love making memories with my little family.

Sorry if I bored you, just never want to forget these memories:)
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