March 29, 2010

Saturday Surprises/ Early Birthday Present!!

My sweet fiance' surpirsed me with an early birthday present! I have been eyeing this ring for a few weeks now, so he surpised me with it on Saturday... My birthday is this Friday (I will be 23!!) but he could not wait until then... and I am glad he didn't;)
Another great plus!... it matches my bridesmaid dresses!!!

I don't know what I'm going to do with this sweetheart;)

Thank you so much babe!!
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March 22, 2010

Monday Memories!!

This is going to be a quick post... crazy day filled with class, homework, wedding stuff, and work! Ugh, back to reality!
We had a great Spring Break together...
we headed to Wind Creek Wednesday afternoon, and came back Saturday night! We did not take the boat with us this time because he just winterized it... and the weather did not cooperate the first part of the week... We had so much fun anyway! Six other families joined us. We cooked out every night, relaxed, had campfires and made smores', and laughed!! I just love it at Wind Creek, it's so simple and laid back! We plan on going back at the end of April and memorial day! Then we will spend all summer long on the lake and camping!!:)
I was relaxing so much I didn't even take any pictures! Well, one of Lee flying an Elmo kite but he may kill me if I post it!!;)
Hope Everyone had a great Spring Break! and I'm jealous of those just starting theirs!!
(Only 4 more days until FRIDAY!! :)

March 16, 2010

Nothing much new in the wedding world...
I went to pick up the fabric of my bridesmaid dresses. Mom is wanting to make a few things with it. I am excited about that! My thank you cards came in for each of my bridesmaids.... I will post pictures of them later! They are really cute!
I still have not heard from the caterer... hopefully after Spring Break!!

I have several things in mind as far as flowers... but I can't quiet nail something down! I have so many different ideas going on in my mind! Sometimes, I lay in bed for hours just thinking! Sad, I know... I have to get up and make a list to rest my mind... Sounds so strange ;)

Tomorrow we are heading to the lake! It's going to be chilly, but camp fires are always fun!! I need to get away and relax before school starts back!!

On the wedding list:

-find the perfect Bride Book

- find cake server/knife

-find some flutes

- shoes and jewery!

-Bridesmaid gifts

-ring bearer pilliow/flower girl basket

-order engagement photos

-Get my man's wedding band!!

- I would love to find some pretty photo albums! (Any ideas??)

-continue searching for honeymoon clothes!!

-dresses for parties and tea (Ideas please?:)

-start searching for wedding cake/groom's cake!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

March 15, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesdays!

My sister and I are obsessed with beauty products, doing girly beauty stuff, etc. Soo...on Tuesdays, I am going to share a few my favorites!

In yesterday's post I talked about the hair product I use to scrunch/curl my hair. I thought they were taking it off the market, but you can still find it on the internet... I love it because, in the past, when I would scrunch my hair it would look like noodles, but this is like a serum, so it just looks curly! It is great for the spring/summer time; especially when you're at the lake or beach, you can just wet it, put it in, and go! and You still feel good!;) It was only $7.00 at Sally's:( But you can still get it for $9.00, plus a couple of dollars for shipping... not too bad;)

This is another product by marc daniels. It is awesome for those of you who have fine hair, like ME! You just apply it before you dry your hair, and it gives you a little boost! (I am sure it would be great for all hair types!;)

Another quick hair tip: After my hair is dry, I put in the big velcro rollers ($4.00 @ Sally's) leave them in while I put on my clothes/jewery/perfume, take them out, brush out my hair, spray it, and ready to go!;) Hope these work for you!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!:)
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Monday Memories!!

It seems we have been having very laid-back weekends lately... but I have really enjoyed it!
I studied all day, because I had to take the YUCKY, DREADFUL Praxis on Saturday:( So we just relaxed, ate, studied, watched tv, ate some more, studied, watched tv, ate some more etc.;)
I woke up bright and early and headed to take the PRAXIS.... I studied the book made for the test, and not a THING I studied was on it! I am not going lie, it was NOT easy... I flew through the math part (math is my subject;)... the english part was ok, science was not so easy, but the History, Wow, I had no clue!!! I am NOT a history person!! So, I am just hoping I passed it by luck!
After the test, I met Lee and his parents at Red Lobster and ate some yummy cheese bisquits (like I needed them). I am supposed to be eating healthy and working out for this wedding coming up! And I am doing worse than I ever have!! They say happiness brings you pounds, and it is SO true!! I have gained like 8 pounds!! I would rather be happy though;) But changes are going to be made very soon! Now that the weather is warming up, I will be able to run, and go to Oak Mountain with Lee!! I have Spring Fever badly! Anyway, I stopped at TJ Max before Lee and his parents got there, I have always been a Ross shopper, but I was very impressed!! They were much neater and organized!
Lee and I love looking at houses and getting ideas, so after lunch we rode around in Trussville and Hoover! I love looking and getting ideas!!
That night, we relaxed:)
We ate lunch at Firebird's and had some errands to run like: Sam's, Lowe's, and we went to every Sally's Beauty Supply b/c they have discontinued the product I use to scrunch my hair!! I was so upset, but the internet always saves you!! It should be here by tomorrow!;) Summer time is when I need it most!!
Last night we met my family for dinner at Habenaras! Then we all watched The Amazing Race!
It is the first time in like 20 years for UAB to have the same spring break as everyone else! So, Lee and I are excited about that! We are heading to the lake Wednesday and staying through the weekend! :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! and I hope those off for Spring Break relax & ENJOY!:)

March 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays!!

Nothing much new in the wedding world...
Mom and I went to look for a Bride Book last week, but my wedding color is an unique color, so we wanted to wait for the fabric to come in so we could match it perfectly! We also looked at a few books of invitations! I got SOO overwhelmed! And of course, I picked out the most expensive ones!! So, now I have those in my mind, and nothing else looks as pretty to me! But, I will just have to get over it, because they definitely didn't fit in the budget (ugh, I hate money)!!;)
Mom and I also met with the caterer and florist Sunday! It went very well! Just crossing my fingers and waiting on a price;)
For the most part, the major things are booked! One major thing I want to complete are invitations! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get that done! There are a few little things I want to start searching for: shoes, jewery, flutes (spotted some, just waiting on them to go on sale!) etc. I love looking at stuff like that though!
I ordered some extra fabric that matched my bridesmaid dresses, and mom is going to make a few special pieces, like: ring bearer pillow, fancy hanger (for my dress), and stuff like that;)
I have also been searching for some bridesmaid gifts! Got a few in mind!;) For other brides looking for bridesmaid gifts, I recommend looking at (Thanks Dawn!) They have very cute things for very reasonable prices!!:)
I know this was a random Wedding Wednesday! Just small things going on right now;)
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

March 8, 2010

Monday Memories!!


We had another laid-back weekend.... Friday, my mom took a half a day off so we could do some wedding stuff... update on that later... Then Friday night, Lee & I met our friends, Jamie and Jennifer at TGI Fridays... Everyone will hear a lot about these two this summer, so I need to give a little background;) Lee and Jamie, grew up together at Wind Creek (camping/lake). They have remained very close friends. Jennifer & Jamie have been together since they were like 14! So Jen, Lee, & Jamie practically grew up together, going to Wind Creek and stuff on the weekend! Now, I came into the picture!!!... We all have a great time together so we hang out as often as possible. They also have two precious little girls, Laila and Alaina... so these cuties will be on the blog a lot too;) (Little Miss Laila is one of our flower girls).
Anyway!!... they did not have the girls this weekend, so after dinner we went to academy & Walmart! Fun Night!


Cotton Tails was at the BJCC this weekend, so Lee's mom had us girls all tickets. Amy (Lee's sis), Kalli (Lee's niece), Lee's mom, and I met Lee's aunt and cousin! (That was a mouth full!!) We always have fun tasting the snacking, looking at the cute stands, and snacking some more!

Saturday evening was little man's birthday party!! He had a Roll Tide bowling birthday! This little man is ALL boy!:) He loves riding his 4-wheeler, hunting, fishing, and Alabama football!! It was alot of fun, and he really enjoyed it!

The kiddos:)
They were all so precious bowling... and I am sure their scores were much higher than mine! I have come to the realization that I am probably the WORST bowler in the WORLD! I scored a 55!!! How pitiful is that! I was getting so frustrated with how BAD I was!;)

Colson and his cute birthday cake!

Uncle Lee helping his little buddy open his present!

After bowling, we were exhausted, so we just relaxed the rest of the night! Well, I did a little homework (YUCK!)


Lee & I went to church Sunday morning. Our service was great, as usual, each week we are discussing another step on how to survive a bad day! I may share those steps later! ;) After church, we met Jamie (talked about above) for lunch at Wendy's, then he and Lee went Mountain biking, while I went to meet with the caterer & florist!! (More on that later!)
Last night, we had dinner with my family. Mom made yummy ham, hash brown casserole, field peas, and Lee's favorite, broccoli w/ cheese!! It was delicious as always!

Monday started off pretty good. Things are looking less busy this week, so keep your fingers crossed it stays that way!;)

Hope everyone had an amazing, safe weekend!
(Thankful my sister & Daniel, Nikki & Bradley made it back from LAS VEGAS safely;)

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March 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!!

Things are moving right along!...
I booked the videographer this week. For you brides-to-be, the website is

I am meeting with my caterer and florist tomorrow! Wish me luck on that;)

And for some BIG, EXCITING news!...
The fiance' booked our honeymoon!!

We are going to the fabulous...


I am so excited... I can not wait for
November 20th to get here!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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