March 8, 2010

Monday Memories!!


We had another laid-back weekend.... Friday, my mom took a half a day off so we could do some wedding stuff... update on that later... Then Friday night, Lee & I met our friends, Jamie and Jennifer at TGI Fridays... Everyone will hear a lot about these two this summer, so I need to give a little background;) Lee and Jamie, grew up together at Wind Creek (camping/lake). They have remained very close friends. Jennifer & Jamie have been together since they were like 14! So Jen, Lee, & Jamie practically grew up together, going to Wind Creek and stuff on the weekend! Now, I came into the picture!!!... We all have a great time together so we hang out as often as possible. They also have two precious little girls, Laila and Alaina... so these cuties will be on the blog a lot too;) (Little Miss Laila is one of our flower girls).
Anyway!!... they did not have the girls this weekend, so after dinner we went to academy & Walmart! Fun Night!


Cotton Tails was at the BJCC this weekend, so Lee's mom had us girls all tickets. Amy (Lee's sis), Kalli (Lee's niece), Lee's mom, and I met Lee's aunt and cousin! (That was a mouth full!!) We always have fun tasting the snacking, looking at the cute stands, and snacking some more!

Saturday evening was little man's birthday party!! He had a Roll Tide bowling birthday! This little man is ALL boy!:) He loves riding his 4-wheeler, hunting, fishing, and Alabama football!! It was alot of fun, and he really enjoyed it!

The kiddos:)
They were all so precious bowling... and I am sure their scores were much higher than mine! I have come to the realization that I am probably the WORST bowler in the WORLD! I scored a 55!!! How pitiful is that! I was getting so frustrated with how BAD I was!;)

Colson and his cute birthday cake!

Uncle Lee helping his little buddy open his present!

After bowling, we were exhausted, so we just relaxed the rest of the night! Well, I did a little homework (YUCK!)


Lee & I went to church Sunday morning. Our service was great, as usual, each week we are discussing another step on how to survive a bad day! I may share those steps later! ;) After church, we met Jamie (talked about above) for lunch at Wendy's, then he and Lee went Mountain biking, while I went to meet with the caterer & florist!! (More on that later!)
Last night, we had dinner with my family. Mom made yummy ham, hash brown casserole, field peas, and Lee's favorite, broccoli w/ cheese!! It was delicious as always!

Monday started off pretty good. Things are looking less busy this week, so keep your fingers crossed it stays that way!;)

Hope everyone had an amazing, safe weekend!
(Thankful my sister & Daniel, Nikki & Bradley made it back from LAS VEGAS safely;)

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