March 15, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesdays!

My sister and I are obsessed with beauty products, doing girly beauty stuff, etc. Soo...on Tuesdays, I am going to share a few my favorites!

In yesterday's post I talked about the hair product I use to scrunch/curl my hair. I thought they were taking it off the market, but you can still find it on the internet... I love it because, in the past, when I would scrunch my hair it would look like noodles, but this is like a serum, so it just looks curly! It is great for the spring/summer time; especially when you're at the lake or beach, you can just wet it, put it in, and go! and You still feel good!;) It was only $7.00 at Sally's:( But you can still get it for $9.00, plus a couple of dollars for shipping... not too bad;)

This is another product by marc daniels. It is awesome for those of you who have fine hair, like ME! You just apply it before you dry your hair, and it gives you a little boost! (I am sure it would be great for all hair types!;)

Another quick hair tip: After my hair is dry, I put in the big velcro rollers ($4.00 @ Sally's) leave them in while I put on my clothes/jewery/perfume, take them out, brush out my hair, spray it, and ready to go!;) Hope these work for you!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!:)
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