March 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays!!

Nothing much new in the wedding world...
Mom and I went to look for a Bride Book last week, but my wedding color is an unique color, so we wanted to wait for the fabric to come in so we could match it perfectly! We also looked at a few books of invitations! I got SOO overwhelmed! And of course, I picked out the most expensive ones!! So, now I have those in my mind, and nothing else looks as pretty to me! But, I will just have to get over it, because they definitely didn't fit in the budget (ugh, I hate money)!!;)
Mom and I also met with the caterer and florist Sunday! It went very well! Just crossing my fingers and waiting on a price;)
For the most part, the major things are booked! One major thing I want to complete are invitations! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get that done! There are a few little things I want to start searching for: shoes, jewery, flutes (spotted some, just waiting on them to go on sale!) etc. I love looking at stuff like that though!
I ordered some extra fabric that matched my bridesmaid dresses, and mom is going to make a few special pieces, like: ring bearer pillow, fancy hanger (for my dress), and stuff like that;)
I have also been searching for some bridesmaid gifts! Got a few in mind!;) For other brides looking for bridesmaid gifts, I recommend looking at (Thanks Dawn!) They have very cute things for very reasonable prices!!:)
I know this was a random Wedding Wednesday! Just small things going on right now;)
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Glad I could help!!! ;) Love ya!

  2. Hey Nat! My mom still has the huge flower arrangement we used at my wedding(it has a variety of colors in it & the flowers are obviously artificial but when it's on the stage nobody can tell) & I have the candle holder that we used for the candle lighting. You are welcome to use either of these if you need them. Let me know if I can help with anything. Oh, and I promise you will not regret using Cutting Edge for your video...they are awesome(Lauren, Erin & I used them).

  3. OK, I will definitely keep that in mind! That would be great! :)

    I know, I was so glad to get in touch with them! They said their phones have been messed up! My sis said you video was wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your help!!:)

    Love you Nik! and Love you too Dawn!!:)


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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