April 24, 2013

Spring Favorites...

I've seen a few of my favorite blogs doing a Spring favorite questionnaire so I decided to join!

Favorite spring nail polish?

I should be a spokes person for gel nails. I LOVE them and I get my nails done every-other-Saturday. I am a sucker for the light pinks, creams, natural colors. But I like to step out on a limb and get a color every now and then.
Here are a few of my favorite... I am currently wearing a color similar to the bottom color.

What is your must-have lip color this spring?

I LOVE lip gloss... I keep a bag in my purse with about 10 different colors. I will share a couple of my recent favorites...

I will start with my all time favorite from Bath & Body Works, Whipped Vanilla


I acutally got PRRR by Mac for Christmas and it definitely works for spring...

I recently purchased two colors I am liking...

Revlon 010- Hot Pink/ Rose

NYX Paint the Town

What is your favorite spring dress?
I could not find the actualy dress... but I purchased the maxi dress that looks just like this...

 from Groopdeals... Excited to pull it out soon!
What is your favorite flower?

We recently planted two on the side of our house. The current colors, one is pink and the other is purple/blue! 

Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

Everyone is loving the bubble necklaces and I purchased the mint color...

I also purchased this watch from Groopdealz... I guess I have a thing for mint this spring

What spring trend(s) are you most excited for this year?
Colored skinny jeans/crop pants... I think I have a slight obsession! I am loving the neon colors as well! 
Favorite spring candle?
I am not a huge candle user, but we have plug-ins and my most favorite scent is Fresh Cotton from Bath and Body Works... It's the husband's favorite too! 

Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?

Dolce & Gabana Light Blue is a year around fragrance for me...


 I recently purchased a new lotion that I am obsessed with!
It has a very light, clean smell... You can purchase it from Ulta!

What is spring like where you live?
After the pollen is washed away by the rain it is my favorite time of year! Everything is blooming, colorful, and the weather is PERFECT!
Favorite thing about spring?
Bringing out the spring clothes! Spring just makes me smile!
Are you a spring cleaner?
OH YES! You can check out my spring cleaning I accomplished over Spring Break HERE
Any upcoming vacations?
Two beach trips this summer! Does that count???? 

Linking up with Jamie! and Shanna!


April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday...

1. This week has been a little crazy. A lot of changes being talked about at work. As a teacher, CHANGE is not liked!

2. But coming home to this little guy always makes it better... I thought he looked especially cute in his sleeper and matching paci Monday night.

3. Gage was so precious watching his daddy cut grass. On our walk, we had 3 neighbors cutting grass, he was so amazed by the rowdy lawn mowers. He kept grunting for his daddy, thinking he could hear him. It was so funny!

4. Yesterday, we went for a walk, cleaned house, Gage road with daddy on the mule, and some little guy crawled, like REALLY crawled for the first time! But after his busy afternoon with no nap for 6 hours, right when his little big ol' head hit the pillow he was OUT!  
(But then he was up at 1:00, crying for 1 hour straight!GRRR!)

5. In a previous post I talked about getting my last few pounds of baby weight off. Well, I am happy to say, I AM 4 POUNDS DOWN! I don't mean to brag, but I am so proud. It's very hard getting these last few pounds off, so each pound is HUGE! I even threw away a piece of cake (which is VERRRY unlike me) and we walked every evening this week followed with some stomach exercises! Hoping I can stick to it:) 

Excited to link-up with Lauren for High Five Friday! You can join us HERE!
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April 18, 2013

Our New Look...

 photo My-Ad_zpsc86746a1.png

As you can see, I have a new look around this little blog of mine! Thanks to the fabulous, Tiffany Kuehl Designs.
I wanted something clean and different and I think it looks PERFECT!
 She is so talented and easy to work with.  I am just thankful she could put up with my teacher mentality!:)

Go check out her portfolio and thank you again girl! 


April 17, 2013

Weekend Highlights/ Homemade Babyfood tip!

Saturday morning, we hung out around the house and that afternoon, we enjoyed the outdoors with Kalli and Colson (Gage's cousins). I went and got the crew Guses' for lunch, local favorite!

Saturday night, Lee went to the races with the boys and mom and I went roaming the town.
Our first stop was BABIES R US where Monkey got bunches of goodies including his next tennis shoes!
Our next stop was Hobby Lobby, where I got some frames for my wall collage! I cannot wait to get it up...
We at dinner at Olive Garden and finished the night at Kohl's

Sunday morning, we headed to church. Then I had a baby shower for THIS girl...

...who will welcome Miss Josie Elise very soon! She got so many precious things. Girl stuff is ridiculous
But my baby boy was looking pretty darn cute in his bow-tie!

Sunday evening, we hung out at home, which was super nice!

Last week, I made some homemade baby food. 
Nothing fancy, just sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans.
But I wanted to share how I stored it. I bought the small snack size ziplock bags then put them in a gallon size ziplock bag (for extra protection) and laid them flat in the freezer. You can grab a bag, put it in a bowl, and heat it up. So far it has been very convenient! His favorite are the sweet potatoes, of course!

This baby LOVES him some food! :)

Sorry I've been slacking this week on my blog. It has been a CRAZY week, but I have a couple of posts lined up! 

Have a BLESSED Wednesday!


April 8, 2013

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! The weather could not have been more perfect... Makes me so happy!

Friday evening, we laid low and stayed at home. We devoured some delicious BAR-B-Q and enjoyed the outdoors...

Saturday morning, I got pampered with fresh, pretty toes and nails. Then headed out to enjoy the day with my mom and sis. When we are all together, it is a guaranteed day full of laughs. My sister thinks everything I say and do is just hilarious. My mom said she could never lose us in a store because we are always loud and laughing. Those two girls are my heart, along with this little guy checking out the birds....

(He was so cute talking to the birds. He say and watched them for awhile. I love that little round 'noggin! )

We ate lunch at our favorite spot, Olexia's, bought some baby gifts for upcoming showers (of course, some little chucky boy got some goodies too;), my sis and I spent our giftcards at Ulta, went to Target and got a couple of dresses courtesy of MiMi, and then ended our adventure at PetCo.

Saturday night, we had dinner with my parents at Crack Barrel.

Sunday morning, we went to Sunday school. Gage made it through another lesson...third week in a row!

We had lunch on the patio at Firebird's. It was so beautiful.
(He's just got to learn to tilt that head back!)

Then we headed for Oak Mountain State Park to get some exercise...
We did a little "hiking" (baby style). It was actually just a trail, but it makes me feel cool to say we went hiking.

(He was so good the whole time, never made a sound!)

We enjoyed a smoothie after our walk then decided to tackle grocery shopping!

We went to Wal-Mart for the basics but we try not to get out produce/fruits/vegetables from there, if you know what I mean.

We were trying to be all-natural, health-nuts and go to the local neighborhood market called Earth Foods. Well, we decided it was not necessary to pay 6 dollars for 3 pieces of broccoli. (I wish you could have seen us roaming around aimlessly). We then ventured to our all time favorite Publix!

I was proud of our colorful refrigerator. Yes, this looks very healthy for the Pody Household...
Wish me luck to yet ANOTHER attempt at shedding these last few pounds of baby weight!

After unloading all the grub, we spent the evening taking in every minute of the sunshine...
(This baby LOOOOVES riding the mule and HAS to "drive" in daddy's lap!)

We ended our Sunday watching the ACMs.
(Our little country boy was zoned in!)

And passed out literally 10 seconds after his head hit his mommy's chest!

Another wonderful weekend full of blessings...
Thank you, Jesus!

Share your weekend here...

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