February 28, 2010

Monday Memories!!


We had a very low-key weekend... Friday night, my love and I had to run some errands in Hoover... Our first stop was Wal-Mart, Lee had to pick up a few things for the boat, and I had to pick up A BUNCH of stuff for my upcoming lesson plans (Yes, I actually have to do these lessons in a 2nd grade class.... NeRvOuS!!!!) Our teacher told us we had to buy ALL the supplies, including: crayons, scissors, glue, construction paper, poster board, etc. So, I went ahead and spent over 60 dollars of my poor, college student budget!!! But we are not allowed to ask the teacher for ANYTHING, my professor said it is very un-professional, and the teacher has a budget and cannot afford to support us... I can understand that though, just gets expensive!!
Anyways, after Wal-Mart we went to Best Buy!! My current computer is wonderful, but it weighs 50 POUNDS!!! My back is killing me by the time I get to class... so we invested in this little computer below! And it only weighs 2.9 pounds, not to mention it's tiny & cute!!! .....Much better!!:)

Next Stop!.... Office Max...
I know this cart looks absolutely ridiculous, but we have so many children books, supplies, textbooks, binders, etc. this is going to come in handy!!haha It will mainly be used when I actually teach lessons and start student teaching! There is no way I will be able to carry all the supplies needed!! My friends and I call them our dork carts...

Then we met my parent, sister and Daniel at Moe's Bar-B-Q for dinner!!


I had a Professional Development event, that the Red Mountain Writing project was holding. To be honest, the main reason I went is because it looks good on your resume, but I am so glad I did! It was very interesting! Kylene Beers and Robert Propst were the opening speakers. For all teachers, I recommend Kylene's book, When Kids Can't Read, What Teachers Can Do... Also, Robert Propst book is great:)
Back to the weekend... I was at the meeting until about 4, then my friend and I got stuck in traffic forever! Lee was at home all day getting the boat ready for spring break! So, he was waiting on me by the time I got home!
We headed to the hospital to visit, Kathy and Jeff. Their son, Ryan, is still in the hospital, so please continue to pray for him:)
After visiting, we went to eat at TGI Fridays, but it was packed, so we went to KOBE! I got some Sushi and Lee got steak and shrimp! It was very yummy!


We went to church on Sunday... and had a great service on "How to Survive a Bad Day!"
After church we had our weekly Sunday lunch at Panera Bread... it was good, as always!
Then I spent my afternoon doing lesson plans:( I have 7 due this week! We ended our weekend with dinner with my wonderful family!:)

We had a great, relaxing weekend!

Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Weekend!;)
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February 25, 2010

February 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays!!

Meet the Bridesmaids!!

Matron of Honor
My best friend in the entire world, the person who knows absolutely everything about me, the one I come to for support, the person I look up to, and the one I could live on an island with, just me and her, my SISTER!
I don't know what I would do without my sis, we have so much fun together, I love you so very much!

Amy & Kalli
Lee's sister Amy; and Niece Kallie (Junior Bridesmaid)
Lee's sister and I have become very close. She is truly the sweetest person I have ever met, she has a heart of gold, and I am so happy she will be my sister:)
Miss Kalli is my little sweetheart too. Just like her momma! She is a great little girl, I hope my little girl is just like her! I love her to death, and can't wait to be her Aunt!

Erica & Rachel
These two girls are my heart!
I have practically grown up with them. Erica (left) was a grade above me in school and Rachel (right) is a grade below me. So I was right in the middle!! I cheered with each of these girls two years, I believe:) We used to practically live together, before men came along!!!:) Erica is a nurse and Rachel is in business school, so on Erica's off days, we always have a girls day! When we are all together, there is never a dull moment.... Our talks are always so interesting;) They are absolutely hilarious, and we all have SOO much fun together! I am so thankful they are in my life:) I love these girls to death and would do anything in the world for them.

Mal and I also grew up together. We cheered together all through high school and always had each others back! She is such a good person, and a great friend:) Our conversations are always deep, and I know my secrets are always safe with her;) Mal is in college at Bama, so when she comes home we always pick up right where we left off! I work for Mal's mom, so I always keep up with Mal... I love her so much!

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Brook a.k.a HOOCH
WOW, where to begin with Hooch. We have been through EVERYTHING together!! Brook was a grade above me in high school and we also cheered together. We became very close my 1oth grade year and Brook's junior year. Brook is also in school to be a teacher, and she got married this past JUNE! We have so much fun together, when we are ABLE to get together! Our schedules are so opposite, it is crazy. When we go shopping together, we will hear each other say, "This is so cute!" When we hold it up to show each other... it never fails... it is the same piece of clothing! I miss those days! Love you Hooch!

Miss Nina Marie
Nina and I have been friends since about 1st grade. When we were in Elementary school, we spent-the-night together EVERY NIGHT! And we also ran her parents phone bill up to hundreds of dollars, because we were calling the psychic to view our future love life!haha We have so many childhood memories I could go on forever! Nina now is my hairdresser!! So if you need a new hairstyle, go to Spa Japonika and see Nina!! I love you girl!!

What would I do without Leecher! We are as opposite as it gets, but I guess that is why we get alone so well. We became very close our tenth grade year of highschool. Mallory (above), Alecia, and I all pretty much stuck together in high school. Alecia just graduated from Auburn, and when we can, all three of us get together. If I need to laugh, Leech is who I call. She is so much fun!
I love her to death!

Miss Brittany

Brittany and I met in junior college, and remained very close. Brittany lives in Oxford, so between our schedules, it is hard to get together. We talk to each other about every day. I love hearing her interesting stories! She is a sweetheart, and I am so glad we are such close friends! I love you Britt!!!

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February 22, 2010

Engagement Pictures....

I got too behind, so I skipped a few days:) I started back up at day 86! SORRY;)

Hope you enjoy!





All photos by Lyndsey Cunningham Photography!
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February 21, 2010

Saturday Surprises!!!

I have missed a few of my Saturday Surprises.... but I couldn't miss this one!!

That's right!....

Mr. Wonderful bought ME (us;) a boat!!!!!

Yesterday, while my sister, mom, and I worked the wedding, he went to pick it up at Smith L.ake!!

I don't know much about boats, all I know is it's a Caravelle Interceptor, it's very loud, and goes very fast! That is right what Lee loves!

I can't wait until SUMMER at the lake!!!

(Aunt Trishy, it's going to be hard to beat this one!!:)
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February 20, 2010

I know I say this all the time....

This last week was CrAzY!!!
I was busy with school, homework, tutoring, observations, work, and I made up Hueytown Middle's cheerleading tryout dance and cheers, so every night I worked with them for three hours!! Today, I have been trying to get ahead, so next week would not be so hectic! I woke up this morning at 4:00 and started doing homework (no, I did not plan that, just WIDE awake) But it feels so good to be ahead! I may try it more often!!...YEH RIGHT! I spent the day today assisting my sister and Aly with wedding photography! It was an eventful, fun day!

Hopefully, things will slow down now, and I can get back to blogging more consistently... I'm thinking about doing some new things with my blog! Fun things:) As far as wedding planning, I have been too busy to even think about it(Mr.Wonderful did actually book our singer;), but this week I hope to get back on track! :)

Hope Everyone is having a great weekend!

* I will get caught up on engagement pictures ASAP!*

Our First (BEST) Valentine's Day!!

We decided to celebrate Valentine's on Saturday. Mr. Wonderful started our day off by giving me beautiful, red roses, a VERY special card, and a PRINCESS balloon!!!

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Our original plan was to have dinner at our favorite, Firebirds, and to go to the movies to see The Valentine's Day movie (yes, we were that couple;) BUT....

My family came into town from Texas, so we went to visit them at my Aunt Trishy's house in Calera. We all decided to have a LATE lunch at Jim & Nick's Bar-B-Q....

Our reservations were at 5:30, and we had just eaten at 2:00, so we went to the mall and shared a GREAT WRAP!!!!

We each got a smoothie!!....

And we ended our Valentine dinner with a.....


I know, I know, a very romantic dinner:)
But I wouldn't have it any other way!!
Best Valentine's Day Ever!!:)

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We did stick to our original plan and went to see the Valentine's Day Movie:)
Very cute movie...

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day:)
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February 12, 2010

*Snow Day* 2/12/2010

We don't get snow much in Alabama, so when we do it is a pretty big deal! I love snow days! I did pretty much NOTHING all day, but it is not often I am able to just relax... I have a hard time relaxing though; I constantly sit there and think about what I could be doing, but I managed today:)

Our Little House in the Snow;)

We brought the babies over to the house for a little while. Little man helped Lee build a fire;)
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The minute we walked into the house, Miss Kalli wanted to turn it on Disney, so she could watch the Jonas Brothers:)

My Dorky Little Snow Bunny....

Don't be jealous of our HoTT outfits;0)

During our snowball fight Lee accidentally hit little buddy right in the face... Lee felt so bad, but little man was a good sport...
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Our *RoLL TiDE* Snow Man:)

The babies and Mr. Snowman....

Kallie and Uncle Lee...

Lee's mom built this cute little man!
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