February 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays!!

As most of you know... I have not been having much luck with this wedding planning stuff;)... (I thought this is supposed to be FUN!...Kidding:) BUT it is FINALLY coming together! And from now on, it really should be FUN!...(Yeh, right;) My mom and I went reception venue shopping this past weekend, and it was so much fun... we went to WorkPlay downtown, which was very neat, and another fancy house downtown (which was very pretty, but more for a summer/spring wedding). Then we headed to Homewood to look at Rosewood Hall, from the outside it was very pretty, but we were unable to actually go in. (For those who are planning weddings, these are great options:)
Next, we had lunch at Olexia's in Mtn. Brook; where we absolutely loved! She also does wonderful wedding cakes, so we are keeping her in mind for that;) We found a couple of options for the Bridesmaid Luncheon, YAY! Then we headed to Pinson to visit Alan's Ironworks, to look at possibly renting some deocrations for the church from him... BUT he was CLOSED! Ugh... So we decided to check out the Rosewood House in Pinson... it was definitely an option... but like I said before, I really want to get married at Pleasant Ridge... SOO, after we went around the world and visited all of these places, I just did not feel comfortable having everyone travel that far to a reception venue. SOOO, We then headed to the Woodward Country Club, and I REALLY liked it! So, I called Tuesday and booked it!!!! YAY! We drove from the country club to the church, and it was ONLY 5 miles! So it worked out perfect! I feel so much better to have that booked! Now on to the fun stuff... I have called a few possible videographers and DJs today... we just have to study over what all each offer... I am also meeting with a caterer on the 20th, hopefully that goes well too;) I am just so happy everything is coming together now!! I know I still have 10 months, but as most of you know, I LIKE A PLAN!!
Things on the TO DO list:
-book organist
-book coordinator
-book DJ
-measure aisle
-book videographer
-meet with caterer
-meet with florist
-DRESS shopping! (Best Part!)
*Colors will be picked out soon... PrOmIsE!:)*

*Just wanted to ask everyone for some prayers for a friend of ours; Lee works with her and her son is in the hospital for severe burns. I do not know her son personally, but from what I do know, he is a young man and a great person. I just wanted to ask for prayers for him, and his family and friends....*

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