February 23, 2010

Brook a.k.a HOOCH
WOW, where to begin with Hooch. We have been through EVERYTHING together!! Brook was a grade above me in high school and we also cheered together. We became very close my 1oth grade year and Brook's junior year. Brook is also in school to be a teacher, and she got married this past JUNE! We have so much fun together, when we are ABLE to get together! Our schedules are so opposite, it is crazy. When we go shopping together, we will hear each other say, "This is so cute!" When we hold it up to show each other... it never fails... it is the same piece of clothing! I miss those days! Love you Hooch!

Miss Nina Marie
Nina and I have been friends since about 1st grade. When we were in Elementary school, we spent-the-night together EVERY NIGHT! And we also ran her parents phone bill up to hundreds of dollars, because we were calling the psychic to view our future love life!haha We have so many childhood memories I could go on forever! Nina now is my hairdresser!! So if you need a new hairstyle, go to Spa Japonika and see Nina!! I love you girl!!

What would I do without Leecher! We are as opposite as it gets, but I guess that is why we get alone so well. We became very close our tenth grade year of highschool. Mallory (above), Alecia, and I all pretty much stuck together in high school. Alecia just graduated from Auburn, and when we can, all three of us get together. If I need to laugh, Leech is who I call. She is so much fun!
I love her to death!

Miss Brittany

Brittany and I met in junior college, and remained very close. Brittany lives in Oxford, so between our schedules, it is hard to get together. We talk to each other about every day. I love hearing her interesting stories! She is a sweetheart, and I am so glad we are such close friends! I love you Britt!!!

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