December 30, 2009

Engagement Pictures....

Day 33

Day 32
Photography by: Lyndsey Cunningham Photography
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December 28, 2009

Engagement Pictures... (catching up)

Day 31

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Day 30

Day 29

Day 28

Day 27
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Christmas Day 2009!!

Christmas morning we woke up to a bunch of gifts from Santa and my mom cooked a yummy breakfast! Then Lee and I went to visit his niece and nephew to see what Santa brought them. We played with them until it was time to go to my grandmother and pawpaw's house!

I got a bunch of wonderful gifts! I couldn't fit everything into the picture, but here are a few of my gifts:)
Yes, I asked Lee to get me a mini tramp. I know it sounds crazy, but I heard if you jog in place of a mini tramp for 15 minutes, it is equal to running 5 miles. It's worth a try! =
I have a wedding to get in shape for:)

Lee's sister got me this sweet manger scene.... and my sister got me a ceramic Christmas Tree!!! I have been wanting one so bad, so she surprised me with it!!:) I don't have a picture of it, but I am sure I will get one later:)

This is some of Lee's gifts. His stack looks a little sad, but he had already used most of it:)

Mom got us matching luggage bags for the honeymoon:) and much more!!
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Lee surprised me with a new Christmas Tree!!
I still love the one we have now, but this one is for the other window!!
I would eventually love to have a tree in every room;)
Already excited about decorating next year!:)

Lee also got me some Maui Jim sunglasses!
Look how cute we are now, we have matching sunglasses!!:)
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Christmas Day at Grandmother&PawPaw's~!

After opening gifts at my house and seeing Kalli & Colson's gifts, we headed to grandmother and pawpaw's house!

Yes, we are 22 & 27 and we still love to match each other...
and yes we planned it:)

US & baby Ansleigh Kate....
Ansleigh is the only baby in our family, so you can imagine how much attention this little girl gets... she is such a sweetheart!
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Christmas Eve 2009!!

On Chirstmas Eve, we go to my Aunt Trishy's house (my dad's sister). We ate a bunch of yummy food, opened gifts, and visited with my wonderful family! We always have a great time!

Our men!

My best friend in the whole world (my sister)!!!

Me, Brother< & Sister
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Me and my grandmother:)
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Christmas Eve Night....

After my Aunt Trishy's, we headed to Lee's parent's house.

Colson was SOOO excited about Santa coming;)

They got a bunch of goodies!
It was a lot of fun watching them open presents. They get so excited!
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Christmas Eve Surprise...

When we left Lee's family party, Lee came to my house to stay and I had him a surprise waiting...

He has been wanting an ab coaster for a while now, so I surprised him with one:)
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Christmas Eve, Lee stayed at my house. We had to initiate him into our dorky family. Yes, we still wear matching pajamas;)
My brother participated last year, but he said he caught "heck" for it, so he was too cool to take part this year.
He was our photographer though!

Lee was probably thinking "What have I got myself into?!?" He was a good sport though.... Poor guy;)

The cats took part too... they had matching santa outfits!

Poor Camden was scared to death...
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Christmas Eve, Eve....

Christmas Eve, Eve, my mom, sister, and I baked! I am trying to learn how to cook like my mom so every holiday I have been helping out and learning at the same time! We baked sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle!

Then my sister attempted to cook her first cake, and the top of it got a little too crispy!
So we cut the top of it off, as you can see below. It actually turned out very good!

While the girls baked, the boys played the racing game.

Then after we finished baking we played a game of Deal or No Deal!!
We had a great time:)

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