April 22, 2014

Meet Thomas Graham...

He's absolutely beautiful...
Born March 3rd at 9:12 a.m.
8 lbs 8 oz; 21 inches long! 

It's ok to introduce our perfect baby boy 7 weeks later, right?! 
Seeing this sweet face makes it worth the wait!;)
I am uploading pictures and hoping to get caught up this week: One month post, Graham's nursery reveal,  Easter post, a post about BIG brother, and newborn pictures! 

February 25, 2014

38 Week Bumpdate...

My "Before-Baby List" is all complete! I would be a great candidate for an early delivery but my children prefer to bake until the last minute possible. Only joking, I am thankful I carry my babies full-term. Not saying it is EASY everyday. My doctor told me "I make some healthy babies"! Thank the Lord for that!

Hospital Bags- CHECK!
I had a little blood pressure scare and symptoms so during one of our weather days, I got us packed! Gage was the hardest for me to pack, but I got it done! 
He is so excited about his hospital bags. If I do not hear him for a while, I know where to look! He is always looking is his snack bag and pointing to the monkey on his backpack making monkey noises.
Bottles/pacis sterilized- CHECK!
I purchased a sterilizer this time and went with the Avent since I use their bottles. (I love the new bottle design by the way)! I am very pleased with it so far, very easy to use. This was another project completed on a snowy day trapped in the house!
Bassinet washed and ready- CHECK!
During our snow days I even made some Pinterst DIY beauty recipes! No, it was not on my list to do so, but I'm glad I did. I hope to share a few of my favorite!
How Far Along? Today I am 38 and 2
   Size of Baby P? 4 3/4 pounds; 18 inches long
Maternity Clothes? Of course... and stretching it over my big ole belly is getting harder everyday!
 Weight Gain? Actually lost a couple of pounds so I am still under 30!
 Stretch Marks/belly button? NO and my sister made a lotion I've started using that I LOVE! I also have started putting on coconut oil! In my hair, on my face, and all over my body... It's a beautiful sight let me tell you!
Gender? Thomas "Graham" Pody
Sleep? Every night brings a new adventure... I'll leave it at that!
Food Cravings? MILK!

What I Miss? Getting dressed up in cute clothes, being able to turn over in bed with ease, being able to get out of bed without bailing out like a whale, and walking without a waddle!
What I am loving? Being totally ready and prepared to meet our new little buddy!
Movement? Yep... his body parts feel quite large!
Other Updates... 
My sweet friends gave me a surprise baby shower... I thought I was going on a dinner date with Lee to Logan's and there they sat! It seriously made me feel so special! First surprise party I've been given:)
I went to the doctor for my 37 week appointment and was able to get a peek at our sweet boy! He is still looking like his big brother based on his profile and he was measuring 7 lbs 8 oz! I was nervous he would be measuring larger than that so I think I may get through this with an 8 pound baby! I'm guessing 8.14! Of course, nothing has changed and it looks like we will be going all the way to our C-section date on March 3rd! 9 days to go!!!
Guess that's all for now! Hopefully I can capture some pictures of his nursery this weekend and post them before it's baby time!
Have a BLESSED weekend!

February 20, 2014

Gage Update...

18 Months Old
Everyday is an adventure with our sweet boy, an adventure full of blessings. Gage is all boy and into everything but he is very laid -back as well. He has a sweet temperament (MOST of the time) just make sure he's had a good nap before taking him into a restaurant.
 He weighs 26 pounds. Definitely gotten taller, not sure on his exact height.
Gage has become quite a picky eater. At one time he would eat ANYTHING, but now he is becoming smarter and he will start shaking his head "no" at the sight of something he dislikes. Luckily,  most of his choice of foods are healthy and nutritious. He still eats carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes in baby food form (I plan to do this as long as he will eat them!). He LOVES fruit: grapes, pears, peaches, pineapple, mandarin oranges & Cuties, strawberries
A few other favorites:
fruit loops
veggie sticks
He will sometimes drink 4 cups of milk before bed. He is definitely his father's child;)
Gage is in mostly 18 month clothes. We have incorporated a couple of  2T items but most are still too large. He wears a size 4 diapers and size 6 shoe. He is still hanging onto those chunky legs, pot belly, and chubby cheeks, which I would love to stay forever!
Gage is not the best sleeper. In the past week or so we have cut him back to one nap a day and that is helping tremendously. Before our change, he was still waking up 3-6 times a night. He is still sleeping in his packnplay across the room. Most nights he is in the bed with us by 3:00. Recently, he has stayed in his "bed" until 6:00.  Fingers crossed it continues! A lot of people ask what we will do when Graham arrives, and the answer is...nothing. Gage will stay in his packnplay and Graham will sleep in the bassinet. And I'm pretty sure we will have two in the bed in a few months! No need to change now, with a C-section I will not be able to travel up and down stairs anyway, so it is what it is!

Heads by Matthew Van Fleet- I have been wanting him to show interest in books and this is one of his favorites! He brings it to me several times a day to read to him.

Showers with daddy- Being 9 months pregnant, showers with daddy have become a blessing! Pretty sure this will be in our routine from now on. It is the cutest thing watching his chubby, dimple booty step into that big shower. He gets right under the water and drowns his face in it. Water does not faze him so this summer by the pool will be an adventure!

Watching TV- My child would watch TV as long as I would let him. A few favorties: Curious George, Mickey, Octonauts, Jake, Chuggington, Higgly Town Heros, Little Einsteins, and Sheriff Callie is a new found love. Pretty much anything that comes on Disney.

Animals- He loves "titty" (kitty) but kitty does NOT love him. He also loves "daw" (dogs). He refers to many animals as a dog or he will bark when he sees one.

Mommy's hair- I have twirled my hair since I was a baby and Gage obviously inherited my habit. He wants in ALL THE TIME, especially when he's getting sleepy. He just sits beside me and twirls it around his fingers. I love it:)

Safety goggles- If you follow me on instagram, you have seen several appearances from the safety goggles. I swear I do not force them on him, he brings them to me to put on him. It's the cutest!

Balls- He still has his ball obsession. Any type of ball, he will spot from a mile away.
 Being outside- The few times weather has allowed us to take him out, he is wide open, running, finding rocks, digging in the dirt, doing anything little boys like to do!
We had a couple of pretty weather days and Lee pulled Gage behind his bike. He loves it, as long as daddy doesn't stop!

We have had a lot of snow this winter. Gage is not too crazy about it but he did enjoy letting it fall on his tiny hands.  

Daddy enjoys taking him on a mule ride in the snow. I am sure you can tell by his face how he felt about it.

Diving into clothes- One of his new favorite tricks is to take off running as fast as he can and diving into daddy's work clothes, HEAD FIRST. You can seriously hear his head ram against the wall but it doesn't faze him one bit! (The child has the hardest head I've ever seen) Then he will sit as still as possible, thinking he is hiding. It is super cute, but he is really messing up my neatly, organized closet;)
His cousin- I have mentioned this little princess in one blog post, but she deserves another introduction.
This is my beautiful niece, Lizzie Grey. Her mommy went to work for a couple of hours, for the first time and we got to keep her! Gage loves her so much! He thinks she wants her paci at all times like he does, so she is constantly getting a paci shoved in her face while visiting Aunt Nanie.

I brought this chair out for Lizzie Grey and some little 18 month old made himself comfortable!

Going to church- He looks like such a big boy in this picture! This outfit stole my heart. He is quite a social butterfly at church. He loves to flirt with everyone and give them high fives.

His packnplay- My child is NOT a good sleeper but he LOVES to play in his packnplay and watch TV. This is a lifesaver while I am getting ready. I put his basket of toys in there and he outsmarted mommy... Little stinker!

More pictures will be added later!:)

January 31, 2014

34 Week Bumpdate and MORE!

My big ole belly and I at 34 Weeks!

How Far Along? Today I am 34 Weeks and 5 days
  Size of Baby P? 4 3/4 pounds; 18 inches long
Maternity Clothes? Absolutely! My t-shirts even look ridiculous so my mom brought me a couple of my dad's XXL t-shirts... wearing that with maternity leggings is heaven! I know, I know, "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!" But in the comfort of my home and 8 months pregnant, they're pants in my world! :)
 Weight Gain? Knocking on the door to 30 pounds. Hey, what can I say, I gain a lot of weight while pregnant! With Gage I'm pretty sure I ended up gaining 40-50 pounds, it happens! I'll get it off...
 Stretch Marks/belly button? NO and I honestly do not know how... there is literally no skin to even pinch with the tip of your fingers! I sometimes put lotion on but rarely because it makes me itch like crazy!
Gender? Thomas "Graham" Pody (Thomas is after my dad and brother;)
Sleep? It is different night to night... Luckily I do not require much sleep so it works!
Food Cravings? Panera Bread Toffee cookies! Heated up in the microwave for 12 seconds and a full glass of milk! DELICIOUS!! While pregnant, I drink SOO much milk... possibly why I've almost gained 30 pounds!haha

What I Miss? I'm not going to be whiny, because I am so thankful to be pregnant. I'm going to keep it simple with, THIS MOMMA IS READYYYY!
What I am loving? Marking things off the list! After Christmas we hit the ground running and Graham's room is complete! Cannot wait to show it off:)
Movement?  Bless his heart, he's running out of room. It's no longer punches and kicks, it is hard, slow movements like he cannot get comfortable. This boy HURTS me when he moves! I did not feel this with Gage but it is really different this time around!  

Other random updates?
Watching cartoons with my boys:)

I ordered Graham's baby book and I really like it so far! Gage's book came from Ruby Love off Etsy and I love it too. For Graham I decided to order from Two Giggles off Etsy, she offered more boy cover options. Both have my approval so far!

At 33 weeks, we went for our 4d. We went later this time around trying to be frugal. We couldn't stand it any longer so MiMi made us an appointment to see our boy!
This is before at Chik-fil-a, Gage is Lizzie Grey's little body guard. He loves her so much. When my sister came started walking over to the table he started shaking his head "no" telling her to stay away!:)

Here is our chunky baby boy, being smashed by my placenta! We were nervous we wouldn't be able to see him because he is head down and LOW. He is in position, but little does he know, our C-section is scheduled for March 3rd, if we make it!:) 
Looks a little creepy, but he gave us a little stare;)

Now for the number one question, "DID HE LOOK LIKE BROTHER?"
UMMM... I'm pretty sure they are close to twins! We MAY be wrong, but they looked VERY similar!
Profile comparisons: GRAHAM TOP, GAGE BOTTOM

I am anxious to see if Graham is going to be bigger than Gage (remember Gage was a big boy weighing in at 9.7). Sometimes I feel like he is bigger, but for some reason 8.14 sticks in my mind. WE WILL SEE IN 5 SHORT WEEKS!!
Like I said earlier, we have made a lot of progress in the baby world.
  •  Graham's room and bathroom is complete and totally different than brother's room.
  • His tiny clothes are hung and put away in his closet. I cannot believe Gage was ever that tiny!
      • I've ordered Big Brother/Little Brother shirts and some sweet monogrammed items for little Mr.  I am so ready to meet my little guy!!!
  • Coming home outfit has been ordered and mommy's coming home oversized sweatshirt has been ordered. This time, I am  going for comfort for both baby and mommy! I was SUPER tired/sore the day we came home, Gage was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, it took forever to be discharged because my bloodpressure spiked, dumb me went by the pet store on the way home to get CAT FOOD! HOW STUPID WAS THAT?? (which will not happen this time because I stocked up for the next two months) The ride home is not pleasant after a C-section and that is a fact. Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home! My mom and sister met us at our house, and I remember them rushing me inside to sit down. The smile was fading and they could tell!haha COMFORT IS NUMBER ONE THIS TIME!
I ordered this sweetness for Graham with grey stitching from Monogramme Maison on ETSY... it's a converter gown that snaps into a layette. Super soft cotton which I love;)
  • Coming Home Outfit-Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit-Baby Gift-Baby Shower Gift-Baby Boy Outfit-Monogrammed Layette Gift Set-Pima Cotton
  • And I ordered this for mommy in a grey sweatshirt and baby blue stitching. Depending on the length, I hope to wear either yoga pants or maternity leggings. Hopefully this time around things will be a little smoother! :)
  • Comfort colors sweatshirt
    Next on the list is hospital bags, car seat installation, and getting out big baby items (which are not far, sitting in the playroom;)
  • I am hosting a baby shower at my house this weekend for my sweet friend who is due the exact same day as me (March 8th), with a boy, we are both C-sections, and they are both scheduled on March 3rd, 45 minutes apart, at the SAME hospital! CRAZY, HUH?
I want to end by introducing you to my beautiful niece, Lizzie Grey. Y'all, she's so stinking adorable and SOOO teeny tiny... especially to me! She weighed 6.14 when she was born...
These pictures melt my heart. I never dreamed Gage would respond to her the way he does. He is so gentle, wants her to have her paci at all times so he will try to put it in her mouth, pets her little head so gently. It just melted my heart! In the pictures below, we put her in his lap for a picture and he laid his head on hers... I'M IN LOVE WITH THESE TWO!!
I was also worried about jealousy when I hold her because when daddy touches mommy, Gage gets a little violent!lol The other night Lee was tempting him by hugging me and he screamed and threw his sippy cup as hard as he could at Lee's head. It was so funny, of course, we hid and laughed. He is my little body guard. ANYWAY, when I hold her he will come sit by me but hasn't shown any jealousy yet! Don't get me wrong, I know there will be moments with little brother, but it makes me feel better!:)

 I know this was a long post full of rambling... I apologize!

Have a wonderful weekend!

January 6, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

I have been meaning to post our pictures we took for our family pictures as well as Christmas cards. I have been a busy mommy, checking things off of my BEFORE BABY LIST and blogging has been put on the back burner. I hope to be back soon with a Christmas recap and bumpdate, but for now I will leave you with these wonderful pictures done by my talented sister. :)

Hope y'all had a WONDERFUL Christmas and a HAPPY New Year!!
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