April 9, 2015

Thomas Graham is ONE!

On March 3rd, our spunky, fireball turned ONE
He has brought so much joy to our lives, I cannot even describe. When people see pictures of our boys, the first thing they say is "THEY LOOK OPPOSITE!" My answer is always YES, they do. They do not only look totally different, but they have two TOTALLY different little personalities. Graham is full of attitude and if whatever he is wanting is not done immediately, you will hear about it! Do not get me wrong, he is a little love bug with a sweet personality. He is just OPPOSITE of his laid-back, big brother. 
That being said, this little boy loves his big brother (when he's not touching HIS mommy;) and that love is definitely reciprocated. 

Graham took his first steps about two weeks before his first birthday. He really took off about 13 months old.

He has two bottom teeth

He loves to play peek-a-boo

Waves hi and bye

He is a little talker: bye-bye, bubba, uh-oh, gone-gone, no-no, night-night, tank you!, hi, bite-bite, duck, moos like a cow, and baaas like a sheep, mama, daddy, diaper, bottle, book, tractor, bath, aaachoo (my fave;), there he is!

His momma (and nobody better touch me)

His thumb and blanket (cutest thing you've ever seen)

He loves to sleep! He takes a 2-3 hour nap and still sleeps 12-13 hours a night!

Riding the tractor with daddy (you will hear about it when you try to get him off)



Playing in the toilet (no, I do not let him do this but he has been caught a few times and it's a constant battle;)

Playing in the fireplace rocks (again, a constant battle)

Playing outside (especially on the back deck)

His favorite game is throwing balls off of our catwalk and watching them bounce down the stairs

Sucker Lover

Fun Memories:

Family fun at Tannehill

First Valentines Day


 Talking on the phone...

 First haircut... He was such a good boy! 

Celebrated his best bud's first birthday...

First snow.... Graham would cry everytime we had to come in! He LOVED the snowflakes!

Dinner date with all of our gang...

Lake Lanier snow fun! 

First visit to the circus...

Sweet boy styling before Live with Characters...

We celebrated Graham's first birthday with a Little Red Wagon theme. I will post about that tomorrow!



  1. Soo cute! Our boys are soo close in age!!! Clearly they are both up to no good haha.


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