June 10, 2014

Happy 3 Months, My Little Love!


Weight: 15.13
Length: 24 inches long

 Laughing (4/7/14)
Following brother around the room constantly
He is still sleeping through the night
He has discovered his hands, AND THUMB! I'm afraid we have a future thumb sucker.
Holding his head up very well

 He is still loving his sleep!
Being swaddled
Listening to the heartbeat on his lamb at night
Watching his brother

He is starting to love watching Disney!

Long strolls and being outside

Being on-the-go
Playing patty cake with mommy!  He thinks it's so funny!


First swim at Grandmama's pool
First birthday party celebrations

Celebrated first Memorial Day

First visit to Great Grandparent's house
Attended first gender reveal party to see if he was getting a new buddy or future girlfriend!
(We are getting a NEW buddy!)
Celebrated first Mommy's Day 
Riding the mule!
 First go cart ride!

Other Updates:
Graham is still taking 5 ounces every 3 hours. He seems to cluster feed in the morning because he went all night without eating. We are still on 100% breast milk. He is still sleeping through the night! In our master bathroom, with the monitor on him, of course! Most nights he sleeps 9 hours straight, he would sleep longer but we disturb his beauty sleep when we have to get in the shower. He is still in size two diapers. He wears 3 month sleepers, 6 month onesies, and mostly 6 month outfits.
He is still a laid back baby most of the time. When he gets scared (example: brother screaming and scaring him to death) he lets you know he's scared! It is very hard to calm him down. One reason being, he does not take a paci. He gags on it, BUT he has found his thumb this month and I don't think it is going to be possible to stop it. I was a thumb sucker and I am pretty normal so trying not to let it bother me too badly. ;)
He is a very happy baby. When anyone talks to him he just grins ear to ear! It makes my heart flutter when he just hears my voice and starts smiling or when he can't take his bottle for smiling at me.

We LOVE you so much, Lovey!

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