June 29, 2010

Weekend at Lake Martin!

We left last Thursday afternoon to the lake! We had a wonderful time with all of our friends.... cooked out, ate at our favorite places on the lake, played Guitar Hero (they have it set up on a projection screen), rode in the boat, ate boiled peanuts, relaxed, and even ate at the best Mexican restaurant yet! I just snapped a few pictures to share with everyone....

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This is "The Rock" where most people hang out and jump off... excluding me!!;) Both Lee and I are scared of heights, so we watch;)

This is one of our favorite homes on the lake!! The picture doesn't even do it justice!

We had a fabulous time! We are headed back Thursday afternoon to spend the rest of the week and celebrate the 4th of July!
Hope everyone has an amazing week!
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June 23, 2010

Our litte Visitors...

I went outside yesterday to water our flowers...

And look what I found!!....

A nest with 5 baby eggs!!

It scared me to death because I was for sure I was going to drown them, but Lee assured me if I watered the plants on the opposite side they will be okay. And I know I am not supposed to touch them, but of course, I HAD to have a picture ;) I went to water them today and I peeked my big head over to check on them, and the momma came flying out of the nest!!! I swear her wings touched my face I was so close!! I think I jumped out of my flip-flops!!;)
Once they hatch I will just have to let the plant die, because I'm scared of drowning them.

Thought it was so sweet!... I guess momma bird thought my flowers were pretty too;)
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June 21, 2010


Major Posts ahead...
I had a lot of catching up to do since school has started back!

Hope you enjoy!!

Panama City Beach Trip 2010!!

Lee's family planned their beach trip for June 15th through the 20th! Well, my sister ended up having a wedding that same weekend, so my family planned their beach trip for the same week!! I thought I would be lucky and have two beach trips, but it didn't happen that way! We were given the chance to hang out with both our families and we all had so much fun!!
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I had class that morning until 12:00. We grabbed Gus Hotdogs, then headed to the beach!

Tuesday night, my family and Lee's family all ate at Captain Anderson's!


We hung out at the beach all day....

We played so hard- little man had to take a nap with his Uncle Lee!
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Wednesday night, we first had a photo shoot with my sister (pictures will be ready soon!;)
Then we headed to dinner at Angelos!!


More fun in the sun!!

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Thursday night, we ate at Bishop's. Lee had to have his crab legs...

After dinner, we decided to play putt-putt golf. We found this cute little place to take a picture...

And of course, I had to try to stand on a wooden barrel to get a "cute" picture and I fell through it and it caused this...

It hurt SOO bad!! But I still managed to play... well lose;) It was real fun having to deal with the cut on my leg the rest of the trip!
Then we went to ride go-carts with the babies....

After go-carts, we met my parents at Pier Park and mom bought me some very cute goodies!!
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I hung out on the beach all day with the girls while Lee went fishing with my dad and Daniel!

Lee came to hang out wit hus when he was done;)

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Friday night, Ale' took pictures for us (they will also be ready soon) Poor Lee had another photo session! The ones below are a few mom shot (I DO NOT know what that black dot is in all of my pictures;)

After the photo shoot, we ate dinner with my family at Pompanoes!! After dinner, Lee and I went shopping, and I found the exact dress I have been looking for!:)
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Our last day on the beach we soaked up as much sun as possible!!

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Us with the kiddos!

We ate Pineapple Willies for lunch!!
Love it...

Little girl enjoying her ribs!
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Saturday night, We decided to eat at The Boatyard... I got the yummy crab dip and then Lee and I shared the Seafood platter!
My dad joined us, because mom had to help Ale' and my sister with the wedding!

Colson had to show me how he can ride all by himself now! He was so excited to be big enough to ride the kiddy carts alone!

Lee's dad, my dad, and Lee decided to race each other next!! And BIG DADDY (my dad) won!!!:)

We had so much fun! I was NOT ready to go home in the least bit!! But I was so thankful God blessed us with 5 clear, beautiful, safe days and the beach!;)
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