June 23, 2010

Our litte Visitors...

I went outside yesterday to water our flowers...

And look what I found!!....

A nest with 5 baby eggs!!

It scared me to death because I was for sure I was going to drown them, but Lee assured me if I watered the plants on the opposite side they will be okay. And I know I am not supposed to touch them, but of course, I HAD to have a picture ;) I went to water them today and I peeked my big head over to check on them, and the momma came flying out of the nest!!! I swear her wings touched my face I was so close!! I think I jumped out of my flip-flops!!;)
Once they hatch I will just have to let the plant die, because I'm scared of drowning them.

Thought it was so sweet!... I guess momma bird thought my flowers were pretty too;)
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  1. nat you're just too dang cute lol... you make me laugh everytime i read your blogs.. miss you girl!!!

  2. haha... I am glad I can make you laugh since you are suffering nursing school!!;) Miss you too girl!


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