October 28, 2011

First Year Teaching Memories....

I do not often blog about my career as a teacher, you just never know these days, but there are a few memories I would like share/remember...

As a teacher, you are often left notes on your desk, and you never know what you are going to get...

There are often the sweet notes, that remind you why you chose this profession....

 Dear, Mrs. Pody I love you. And thanks for teaching me.
ps. I like your hair. 
(You can always use a good compliment;)

 Mrs. Pody makes me so happy I smile.
(No need to elaborate, that just makes my heart smile;)

 Mrs. Pody you are a wonderful teacher and fun. Thank you for being a perfect teacher.
(How sweet is that?!)

 I love Mrs. Pody so much.
I hope you like teaching your class. Cause we don't want to go we want to stay with you
(Such a sweetheart...)

Then you have the notes that give you a much needed laugh... :)

 It's always fun to see how they view you.... 
She even gave me some beautiful pink earrings :)

 This one made me laugh out loud... Their creative minds are so funny!
 From: Pody
To: Lee
It's a Chevy.
On the side it says:
Look on the back Lee and Pody (I love how he is referring to me as PODY)
Which do you want?

 (This is the back, He even gave Lee a choice! ;)

Yesterday, I walked into the room and found this laying on my desk. 
I thought it was hilarious....
 Mrs. Pody at a club with he husben on a school night.
(This gave me a much needed laugh! Like I said, you never know what you are going to open up amd find!!! I love my high heels & extremely short dress and Mr. Lee's gigantic feet.
Little does she know, her teacher is a boring girl! ;)

Having the last name "PODY", you often get some interesting pronunciations...
So far I have gotten: PONY, POTTY, JODY, POSY, POOTY, CODY, and the list goes on.
My students have now given me the title Mrs. Purdy so I'll take that... :)
They are sweethearts (MOST of the time;).

Hopefully I will be back Monday with a weekend update....

October 14, 2011

Fall Decorations 2011!

This weekend, Lee and I did a little fall decorating around the house. I LOVE decorating this time of year! Especially when you go to Lowe's and get to the register, you realize you have a gift card left over from your wedding; and it is all practically "FREE"! Just wanted to share a few with you....
(I don't have my "professional" camera YET, I am still saving though!!! Bare with the poor quality pictures;)

 It's FRIDAY! 
Lee and I are going on a date tonight and HOPEFULLY stopping by the LOYAL HOMEGOODS! Lee ordered my upper cabinet lighting this week, so that, of course, calls for MORE pretties! :)


October 3, 2011

Random Update.... Questions Anyone?!?!

What's been going on around the PODY Household....

  • We are continuing to make progress on our home. Lee has been working his booty off to make the yard look nice and it looks GREAT. We added some monkey grass around our maple tree and a few more plants to add some color. When spring gets here I am going to go crazy (I am already researching outdoor furniture but TRYING to wait to see what comes out new closer to season;)! Our next big project is adding a privacy fence in the back yard and getting our fire pit set up.
  • This weekend Lee got the sound system throughout the house hooked up, it sounds like we are opening up a club.... ;) While Lee was busy with that mom and I slipped out to do a little shopping! We wanted shop for clothes as well as home decor but traffic was BAD so we only got to home decor. But we found some perfect items that I can't wait to share! We have a long way to go but a few more touches and I hope to get my sis over here to take a few pics! 
        • BIG things left on the list: rug and coffee table for keeping room, table for foyer, side tables for family room, a few more decorations for the master bedroom and family room, outdoor furniture/decor, then I plan on making our "playroom" an office/craft room for now and it IS going to be my black and white room. Always wanted one and never stuck to it! That's all I can think of for now.
  • I have been focusing A LOT on school and my little angels. First year teachers always have to do a little extra preparing but I have a great team that helps me out tremendously! Mom and I decorated my classroom for fall/Halloween so I hope to share those when I get my first classroom pics (hint, hint LYNDSEY!;) My children are very observant and notice EVERY LITTLE THING I change in the classroom. I like to freshen things up for them; they enjoy it. If it wasn't for my mom NONE of this would be possible though, she is my HERO!!:) I have a sweet little group (of 24 as of today!!); there are definitely stressful days(that's for any job), but I absolutely love my job and my class; extremely blessed!
  • I have been reading your blogs but I have been in a blogging rut lately. Hoping that changes today!
I would  love to participate in the cute question game everyone is doing! EMAIL or comment ANY question you would like to ask! :) 

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