October 28, 2011

First Year Teaching Memories....

I do not often blog about my career as a teacher, you just never know these days, but there are a few memories I would like share/remember...

As a teacher, you are often left notes on your desk, and you never know what you are going to get...

There are often the sweet notes, that remind you why you chose this profession....

 Dear, Mrs. Pody I love you. And thanks for teaching me.
ps. I like your hair. 
(You can always use a good compliment;)

 Mrs. Pody makes me so happy I smile.
(No need to elaborate, that just makes my heart smile;)

 Mrs. Pody you are a wonderful teacher and fun. Thank you for being a perfect teacher.
(How sweet is that?!)

 I love Mrs. Pody so much.
I hope you like teaching your class. Cause we don't want to go we want to stay with you
(Such a sweetheart...)

Then you have the notes that give you a much needed laugh... :)

 It's always fun to see how they view you.... 
She even gave me some beautiful pink earrings :)

 This one made me laugh out loud... Their creative minds are so funny!
 From: Pody
To: Lee
It's a Chevy.
On the side it says:
Look on the back Lee and Pody (I love how he is referring to me as PODY)
Which do you want?

 (This is the back, He even gave Lee a choice! ;)

Yesterday, I walked into the room and found this laying on my desk. 
I thought it was hilarious....
 Mrs. Pody at a club with he husben on a school night.
(This gave me a much needed laugh! Like I said, you never know what you are going to open up amd find!!! I love my high heels & extremely short dress and Mr. Lee's gigantic feet.
Little does she know, her teacher is a boring girl! ;)

Having the last name "PODY", you often get some interesting pronunciations...
So far I have gotten: PONY, POTTY, JODY, POSY, POOTY, CODY, and the list goes on.
My students have now given me the title Mrs. Purdy so I'll take that... :)
They are sweethearts (MOST of the time;).

Hopefully I will be back Monday with a weekend update....

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  1. So sweet. I love keeping cute student notes and pictures. They are fun to look back on, and the perfect pick me up for a bad day!


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