October 14, 2011

Fall Decorations 2011!

This weekend, Lee and I did a little fall decorating around the house. I LOVE decorating this time of year! Especially when you go to Lowe's and get to the register, you realize you have a gift card left over from your wedding; and it is all practically "FREE"! Just wanted to share a few with you....
(I don't have my "professional" camera YET, I am still saving though!!! Bare with the poor quality pictures;)

 It's FRIDAY! 
Lee and I are going on a date tonight and HOPEFULLY stopping by the LOYAL HOMEGOODS! Lee ordered my upper cabinet lighting this week, so that, of course, calls for MORE pretties! :)



  1. It looks beautiful! This is my first year decorating for fall..I don't know why I haven't before but I love it!

  2. It looks awesome! I can't wait to have a house to decorate and not just a dorm room!

  3. it looks so good! i can't wait to hit up all the sales this year that way i can stock up on some awesome fall decor!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my page :)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your house! we are looking at buying a lot that belonged to our great aunt. It is a house needing complete renovation and we want to either tear down and build, or just do a complete reno. I want to copy your beautiful home! LOVE it and ROLL TIDE girl!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I LOVE YOUR HOUSE :) So beautiful!

  6. Your fall decorations are beautiful!!

    And I loooooove me some HomeGoods!


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