June 28, 2011

What we've been up to.....

I am an organized person and it's still overwhelming!!

 (Notice Nosy Rosy, who is feeling better by the way;)

(This doesn't include the basement... WOW, that is another story)

We closed Friday and are shooting to be out by the 15th! 
Originally it was supposed to be the end of July, but things sped up quickly!  We will be laying sod this FRIDAY!! AHH... and yes, I will be helping (ugh!)
I met with the shelving man yesterday! I am very excited about our closet! I cannot wait to have more room... I am already organizing it in my mind!
I am not going to lie, things have gotten a little more stressful in these last few weeks, which was expected. Needless to say, I am ready to be DONE!

What has been completed??
            • All tile work
            • Cabinets are installed
            • most lighting is up
            • Rock on outside and inside fireplace is complete
            • Hardwood floors are complete
            • banisters inside
            • painting has been done but they have to come back for ALOT OF touch ups!
            • Back porch is built and screened in! Thanks to Lee's uncle (who is the builder;)
            • Garage doors have been installed
            • Sidewalk has been poured and stamped
            • All outside is complete including cedar shakes
            • All of the outside is now complete

What is left to complete?
            • Gutters (being put up as I type this;)
            • Driveway getting poured (delayed due to rain)
            • Counter tops (Thursday)
            • Plumbing fixtures (I think he is stating today. He had to wait on all the floors to be done)
            • Carpet will be installed (The very last thing)
            • Paint touch ups (Also at the very end)
            • Surround sound/music being installed
            • Finish up lighting
            • Shelving installed (He is designing the closet now)
            • Land scaping (starting this Thursday)
That's all I can think of right now! 
Furniture shopping will be starting very soon! Mom and I went shopping for vanity mirrors this past Saturday and of course we picked up a couple of dining room decor!

Since I have been this long without showing pictures, I am thinking I am going to wait until EVERYTHING is complete! :) Teasing ya a bit! :)


June 20, 2011

Beach Trip 2011 w/ Lee's Parents

 Lee and I got a quick break to the beach. It was hard this year, leaving the house and everything, but we needed a break.
I did not take many pics so thought I would share the VERY few I did:)


We went deep sea fishing on the second day.
My BIG FISH is on the top third from the left:)
And it WORE ME OUT!!

The day before we left I noticed Camden not being himself. I took him to the vet and they gave him meds for a UTI. Mom and dad came to stay at our house so they could watch him. Mom ended up taking him back to the vet and they kept him over the weekend:( So I had that worry the entire beach trip. I thought I would get to take him home today, but he is still not tinkling like he should. I went to visit him and when I walked in the cried and hurried to the front of the cage. He rubbed and rubbed on my hand and purred. And talking about breaking your heart, he started reaching his little paw through the cage:( UGH, it makes me so sad! I PRAY he gets to come home tomorrow. I miss that little monkey sleeping on my head!

Anyway, the trip was great. I am usually sad about coming home but knowing we were coming home to house progress was exciting!
I hope to take pictures tomorrow and do a house update! SOOO much has been done! It's looking great.

Hopefully I will get my baby tomorrow and complete a house update!

Going to get caught up on y'alls blogs now:)

June 10, 2011

I'm Back....... with a brief house building update!

I have not forgotten about ya!!! 
Since my summer began, things have been CRAZY!
I'm staring to think I'm ready to go back to work already.... Maybe not! ;)

Going to share a quick list of things I have accomplished this week:
          • Mantles have been chose. Two are built (they are perfect!) and at the house and one is currently being built. Of course, those were a challenge but I won't go into that.
          • I have chosen my granite counter tops for the master bath, kitchen, and powder room. I also chose my counter tops for the upstairs bathrooms as well.
          • Hardwood floors are finalized and ordered. Once again, it was a challenge to get them but in the end it worked out:) They are starting on them next week!
          • I chose the tile for the master bath and shower, kitchen back splash, the two fireplaces that need tile, laundry room, and the two upstairs bathrooms. I am still not satisfied with the decorative tile that is going in the shower. Still up in the air! That was a 3 hour process!!
          • Crown molding is all up!! 
          • Paint colors have been chosen and painters are caulking at the moment!
          • Shutters have been chosen and finalized.
          • Stacked stone has been put ip on the front of the house! Can't wait to show y'all! 
          • I chose and finalized the stacked stone for the inside fireplace. It should go up next week!
          • Cedar shakes and eves have started going up as well! It has been crazy around the new house... so many different things going on at once!
          • Most of our cabinets are complete! We had to store the kitchen in our basement until they are ready to be installed!
          • Cabinetry hardware has been chose but still questioning!
          • I chose all of our lighting last week, got the price yesterday, and calling to finalize that next week!
          • Chose my stair railing and finalized them yesterday!
          • They built our back deck today and finishing it tomorrow! It looks great!
That's all I can think of right now! It is coming along quickly, better than I ever imagined!
Hopefully have some pictures for you soon!
Sorry for the lack of posts... hopefully things will slow down soon! Hoping to get caught up on everyone's blog tomorrow!:)


June 1, 2011

House Update (May 25th-June 1st)

 Brick is complete!
Cedar shake will be put up next and our stacked stone for the front should be arriving soon. Of course, the stacked stone for the front had to be specially made (It's never ending;)

Our steps turned out great! 
I can picture two big pots of flowers on those little columns now!
I wanted the steps to slightly fan out and I couldn't be happier.
They are back fielding dirt tomorrow. Dirt will come up a little over a foot around the entire house. I requested that b/c I didn't want TOO many steps:)

Sheet rock is also complete! 
They are trimming out the house with our crown molding starting Friday then the painting will begin!
I FINALLY chose all of my colors!:)

 Double arches entering the family room...

Archway entering the kitchen!

Did the best I could to get a shot looking up in the foyer....

 Family room, this is where the stacked stone fireplace will be:)

  • My copper sink for the half bath arrived today! 
  • We are meeting with our builder so I can show him the mantle inspirations I have collected...(That should be interesting;)
  • Meeting with the lighting lady Friday morning at 10.
  • Going BACK to the counter top place Friday afternoon,
  • Going to look at the lighting showroom Saturday morning.
  • Going to choose tile hopefully beginning of next week!
  • Starting to order home decor... my favorite part...

I am doing all of this while organizing/decorating my NEW classroom!  
I will be a third grade teacher next year!
Feeling blessed... thank you Jesus!:)

Hope You're Having a BLESSED Wednesday!

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