June 1, 2011

House Update (May 25th-June 1st)

 Brick is complete!
Cedar shake will be put up next and our stacked stone for the front should be arriving soon. Of course, the stacked stone for the front had to be specially made (It's never ending;)

Our steps turned out great! 
I can picture two big pots of flowers on those little columns now!
I wanted the steps to slightly fan out and I couldn't be happier.
They are back fielding dirt tomorrow. Dirt will come up a little over a foot around the entire house. I requested that b/c I didn't want TOO many steps:)

Sheet rock is also complete! 
They are trimming out the house with our crown molding starting Friday then the painting will begin!
I FINALLY chose all of my colors!:)

 Double arches entering the family room...

Archway entering the kitchen!

Did the best I could to get a shot looking up in the foyer....

 Family room, this is where the stacked stone fireplace will be:)

  • My copper sink for the half bath arrived today! 
  • We are meeting with our builder so I can show him the mantle inspirations I have collected...(That should be interesting;)
  • Meeting with the lighting lady Friday morning at 10.
  • Going BACK to the counter top place Friday afternoon,
  • Going to look at the lighting showroom Saturday morning.
  • Going to choose tile hopefully beginning of next week!
  • Starting to order home decor... my favorite part...

I am doing all of this while organizing/decorating my NEW classroom!  
I will be a third grade teacher next year!
Feeling blessed... thank you Jesus!:)

Hope You're Having a BLESSED Wednesday!


  1. Omg it looks amazing!! Cant wait to see it when it's all done :)

  2. Looks so great! I can definitely appreciate all your little details! I love your brick color

  3. Looks amazing!!! Yay for third grade!!! I taught 3rd for 7 years!!! Loved it!!! They are still my favorite grade! Now I am K-12 but 3rd graders still have a special place in my heart!!!!

  4. wow! this house is a dream house! its so big and fabulous! congrats! i can't wait to see it when its finished.

  5. Wow it's moving fast girl! Looking good!

  6. Thank you girls so much for all of your sweet comments! Makes my day!!

    Nancy- Glad to hear that. I taught 3rd grade during student teaching and it was wonderful! Any tips you have will be greatly appreciated! I need all the knowledge I can get! :)

  7. I am a new follower, I am enjoying seeing your house being built. I can't wait until I move back down south in 4 years and get to build my dream house!
    Kelli http://thewinklersworld.blogspot.com

  8. What a great house!! **swooning**


  9. LOVE IT! I know you are SO excited!! And congrats on the move to 3rd grade!! I never taught 3rd (just head start, pre-k, and kinder), but my cousin did and see LOVED it!!

  10. Oh my gosh, gorgeous! How exciting!

  11. What a DREAM house! I love EVERY single piece of it and can't wait to see the colors that you picked out!!!


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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