June 10, 2011

I'm Back....... with a brief house building update!

I have not forgotten about ya!!! 
Since my summer began, things have been CRAZY!
I'm staring to think I'm ready to go back to work already.... Maybe not! ;)

Going to share a quick list of things I have accomplished this week:
          • Mantles have been chose. Two are built (they are perfect!) and at the house and one is currently being built. Of course, those were a challenge but I won't go into that.
          • I have chosen my granite counter tops for the master bath, kitchen, and powder room. I also chose my counter tops for the upstairs bathrooms as well.
          • Hardwood floors are finalized and ordered. Once again, it was a challenge to get them but in the end it worked out:) They are starting on them next week!
          • I chose the tile for the master bath and shower, kitchen back splash, the two fireplaces that need tile, laundry room, and the two upstairs bathrooms. I am still not satisfied with the decorative tile that is going in the shower. Still up in the air! That was a 3 hour process!!
          • Crown molding is all up!! 
          • Paint colors have been chosen and painters are caulking at the moment!
          • Shutters have been chosen and finalized.
          • Stacked stone has been put ip on the front of the house! Can't wait to show y'all! 
          • I chose and finalized the stacked stone for the inside fireplace. It should go up next week!
          • Cedar shakes and eves have started going up as well! It has been crazy around the new house... so many different things going on at once!
          • Most of our cabinets are complete! We had to store the kitchen in our basement until they are ready to be installed!
          • Cabinetry hardware has been chose but still questioning!
          • I chose all of our lighting last week, got the price yesterday, and calling to finalize that next week!
          • Chose my stair railing and finalized them yesterday!
          • They built our back deck today and finishing it tomorrow! It looks great!
That's all I can think of right now! It is coming along quickly, better than I ever imagined!
Hopefully have some pictures for you soon!
Sorry for the lack of posts... hopefully things will slow down soon! Hoping to get caught up on everyone's blog tomorrow!:)



  1. Thanks for finding my blog, I'm so glad I discovered yours! I read your "About Me" and I'm from Alabama as well. I'm in LOVE with Alabama football also. You have a new follower! :)

    <3 Erica.

  2. How exciting!!! I hope one day to be able to pick out everything for a new house. :)

  3. Hi Natalie! Thanks for stopping by my blog Life with Elizabeth. I'm loving your blog and am following now.

    Sounds like you're accomplishing so much with your house!

    xoxo, elizabeth


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