December 12, 2013

Christmas at The Podys 2013...

Instagram style....

Gage's little corner....

Keeping Room tree....

Sweet toes from Gage's first Christmas...

Dining Room...

Outside touches...
Lee made us a family of snowman this year:)

Hope you enjoyed!
I apologize it's all instagram pictures but that's all this mommy has time for right now! :) 
Joining A Thoughtful Place for Christmas Tour...

December 6, 2013

27 Week Bumpdate!

(Pictures taken at 24 weeks)
How Far Along?27 Weeks and 4 Days
 Size of Baby P? 2 pounds, 14 1/2 inches long!
Maternity Clothes? OH YEAH! I've added a few jackets and cardigans to my wardrobe that allow me to put them over my sleeveless items, since I am pregnant in the opposite season this time! Everyone says I can use my boy clothes with Graham, but guess what?! They are pretty much opposite seasons as well! There will be a few things we can use but for the most part, Graham will have his own wardrobe.
 Weight Gain? Not exactly sure... I often get comments like, "You look like you're about to explode", "You will not make it", etc. So obviously I'm growing another big ole' healthy baby. I assure them, WE MAKE IT...4 days past our due date with number one! It doesn't bother me though, I get big while pregnant, what can I do?! I can promise you, momma's going to eat! :)
 Stretch Marks/belly button? Nope! I was so worried about getting them with Gage. Honestly, I never even think about it and rarely put on any oils this pregnancy. If I get them...I get them, what are you going to do about it?!
Gender? BOY! BOY! BOY!
Sleep? I still have many sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, and by the time I fall asleep, GUESS WHO'S AWAKE?! Thankfully, I do not require much sleep. If I get the first 4 hour stretch, I'm good!
Food Cravings? Christmas tree Reese's and I could drink a gallon of milk! For some reason when I am pregnant, I LOVE milk!

What I Miss? I'm going to be honest, I'm getting ready to get into my normal clothes again! I'm not miserable or anything, just READY!
What I am loving? Starting Graham's room!
Movement?  My placenta in anterior, so the strong punches and kicks took a little longer to feel this time around. But they're here and I love them!

Other random updates?
    • When we went for our 20 week appointment, he was measuring 4 days ahead at 11 ounces. His little profile was so different from Gage's! I have a feeling he is going to look much different, can't wait to see him!
    • Since I had a C-section the first time around, we will have one this time as well. With my pregnancies being so close, it scares me to try a VBAC. That being said, we will be going in at 39 weeks for our C-section!
    • His bedding came in! Me and my other designer (my mom) are brainstorming ideas! It makes me very excited! His room is going to be totally different from his big brothers!
    • I ordered Gage and Graham their first matching items... this is going to get me in trouble:)
    • I have all the big items, but I have a little list put together I would like to add.  
    • Of course, I have the "Before Baby TO-DO List" to complete. I plan to really start marking those things off starting in January!
    ((Y'all, after Christmas, we have TWO MONTHS... it has flown by!))

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