January 29, 2010


Well, I was not able to do my "Wedding Wednesday" Wednesday, so this week it will be Wedding Friday! School has been SOO busy, I have had time to do ABSOLUTELY nothing, BUT school!... I will also update engagement pictures ASAP:)

Wedding plans are not flowing as well as I wanted:) But that's ok, it will come together soon! This weekend, we are going to look at another reception option, so I am excited to see how that turnes out! We are hopefully going to look at some bridesmaid dresses as well! Like I said before, I have a few colors in mind, just got to see them on!!;) We are also going to look at a few places to see our options on renting a few decorations for the church! I have talked to a few people about flowers in the church; appointments will be scheduled for that hopefully next week.

That's on the "wedding agenda" for this weekend! Wish me LuCk!!

In the meantime, I am babysitting Jake all day, and practicing for my Story Telling that is due Monday... Listen to this, I have to act out a story to my class, but the book can not be present. Here is the deal, I could do that in front of a bunch of six year olds ALL DAY... but it feels a little awkward talking to a bunch of 20-30-40 years olds like the are SIX!!! Wish me luck on that as well;0)

Tonight, Lee and I are having a date night: dinner and the circus, or dinner and a movie:)
These are my favorite nights;)
Hope everyone has an AMaZiNg weekend:)

January 24, 2010

Weekend Recap!!!

Friday night, ME & Lee and my mom & dad went to the Boat Show... Lee and I had a good time deciding our future boat! After all of my choices, Lee assured me I needed a job!!:) I even chose a lake house that would be PERFECT for us!!(Kidding)...When we were finished looking, we went to dinner at La Fiesta!! Great time:)

Saturday was a fun-filled day of WEDDING PLANNING!!
Saturday morning, we had an appointment at the Weatherford house, where we possibly will have our rehearsal/reception. He had a lot of great things to say, so we will see!!:)

After our appointment, we headed to Macy's to register!!!

Got my checklist ready!!

Me with the checklist, and Mr. with his scanner...

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
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I could not do it without my wonderful mom present, and thankfully Lee agreed.
My sister made the mistake of going without my mom, and ended up calling my mom saying "You have got to get here NOW!"
So, I told mom in advance she WILL be going. And I am so VERY glad she did... I was so overwhelmed... But I good overwhelmed;)

Scanning our first item:) He was pumped up!

Deciding on towel colors...

FINALLY done at Macy's.

We were all starving, so we decided to eat lunch at my favorite!! FIREBIRD'S!
(Recommendations if you ever eat at Firebird's: Lobster Queso dip & Coconut Shrimp.. YUMMY:)
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After lunch at Firebird's we headed to Bed, Bath, & Beyond!!

Lee had too much fun with the scanner. As you can see below, he was getting into trouble for getting carried away! I went to the next aisle and left him alone, in a few seconds I heard "BEEP!" I took off back to where he was, and he just looked at me a grinned... How could you get on to that sweetheart;) BTW, he was scanning a hand-held vacuum cleaner!!!

Serious Contemplation...

Organizational section... my favorite!!

We had a wonderful time, and both Macy's and Bed, Bath, & Beyond were so helpful...

I am so thankful to have Lee in my life. He was so patient with me, and very helpful. He was constantly reassuring me, "Whatever makes you happy, baby." I couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. I love you so much, and thank you again for being Mr. Wonderful:)
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Engagement Pictures...

Day 59

Day 58
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January 22, 2010

January 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays!

The wedding planning is moving right along!
The date is set! I will be marrying the man of my dreams on:
NOVEMBER 20TH, 2010!!!
Setting the date was a hard decision because I will be student teaching when I am wanting to get married. (Luckily, it will be easy to change if something comes up:) Obviously, I have booked the church. We will be saying our "I DOs" at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Hueytown. I chose to get married here because this is where my mom, aunt, and sister got married... Carrying on the special tradition! =)
My mom, sister, Lee's mom, and I went to the Bridal Show this past Sunday and I got a lot of ideas. I have all the ideas in mind, I just have to start booking! Now that I have a date, it will be much easier!!:)
Everyone asks me if I have my dress, and that would be a negative... but I saw one I LOVED at the Bridal Show! I have my dream dress in mind, it's just a matter of finding it. Hopefully, we will be going dress/ bridesmaid dress shopping in the next week or so! As far as colors, I also have a few in mind... just got to see the dresses on!
On the list for this weekend:
1. Going to visit a reception option
2. Registering!!
Other Priorities on the list:
1. Booking the organist, wedding coordinator, and videographer
2. Getting Lee's guest list, and finishing my guest list
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

January 19, 2010

Engagement Pictures....

Day 54

Day 53

Day 52

Day 51

Photos by: Lyndsey Cunningham Photography
Visit her blog @
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January 14, 2010

And the award goes to....

Thank you Elenie!! You are so sweet! Go visit Elenie's blog (http://www.eleniewatson.blogspot.com/)... it's very cute!

1. Here are the rules... accept the award and post it on your blog... be sure to thank the person you receive this award from.

2. Pass it on to approximately 15 other blogs you have recently discovered and think are wonderful.

3. Be sure you let them know you tagged them.

I am passing the award along to....

1. Nina @ "Life's an open road, you gotta take it."
2. Ashley @ The Bryant Family
3. Brook @ The Glaze's
4. Nikki @ The Runnels Family
5. Christie @ The Mitchell family
6. Stacy @ The Cox Family
7. Lyndsey @ An Everlasting Love
8. Rachel @ The Johnson Family

The link to these blogs are under "My Favorite Blogs."

Thank you again Elenie!!:)

Not 15, but these blogs are precious! Love yall:)
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Engagement Picutures...

Day 50

Day 49

Day 48

Day 47
Photography by: Lyndsey Cunningham Photography
View more @ www.lyndseycunninghamphotography.blogspot.com
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January 11, 2010

January 4, 2010

January 1, 2010


Every year, Amy (Lee's sister) has people over for New Year's Eve!
Lee built us a fire and we roasted winnies and made hotdogs, shot fireworks, made smores' (my favorite:), and sat around the fire and talked...
I wouldn't of wanted to be anywhere else:)

The babies making their smores'...
Colson was not sure about getting too close to the fire... He is a very cautious little boy...

Little man all bundled up!

He was having the best time.... he kept yelling, "This is the best day of my liiife!"
Amy said, "Everyday is the best day of his life." He's a happy little boy!
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