January 29, 2010


Well, I was not able to do my "Wedding Wednesday" Wednesday, so this week it will be Wedding Friday! School has been SOO busy, I have had time to do ABSOLUTELY nothing, BUT school!... I will also update engagement pictures ASAP:)

Wedding plans are not flowing as well as I wanted:) But that's ok, it will come together soon! This weekend, we are going to look at another reception option, so I am excited to see how that turnes out! We are hopefully going to look at some bridesmaid dresses as well! Like I said before, I have a few colors in mind, just got to see them on!!;) We are also going to look at a few places to see our options on renting a few decorations for the church! I have talked to a few people about flowers in the church; appointments will be scheduled for that hopefully next week.

That's on the "wedding agenda" for this weekend! Wish me LuCk!!

In the meantime, I am babysitting Jake all day, and practicing for my Story Telling that is due Monday... Listen to this, I have to act out a story to my class, but the book can not be present. Here is the deal, I could do that in front of a bunch of six year olds ALL DAY... but it feels a little awkward talking to a bunch of 20-30-40 years olds like the are SIX!!! Wish me luck on that as well;0)

Tonight, Lee and I are having a date night: dinner and the circus, or dinner and a movie:)
These are my favorite nights;)
Hope everyone has an AMaZiNg weekend:)


  1. UGGGH!!! I know how you feel Natalie! I HATED having to do that stuff when I was in school!!! I can act like a fool in front of little kids all day long...but put 1 adult in the room and I freeze up! We had to actually SING in our music class...that was the absolute worst thing EVER!!! We miss seeing you every week...I show Ella pictures of you on your blog all the time. :-)

  2. I know.. they are crazy!;) I miss little Ella too... I miss her hilarious stories... Vicki and I were just talking about her yesturday... Give her a hug for me!:)


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