May 31, 2011

Monday Memories on Tuesday!

After work, I hurried home b/c we had to drive to Tuscaloosa, which is about 45 minutes from home, to look at counter tops! We were later than expected b/c the husband got off the wrong exit!!;) Luckily, I have a husband who will admit when he is lost:) Anyway, we made it there with 15 minutes to spare.... and I am suppose to pick out counter tops for a kitchen, master bathroom, powder room, and two full baths in 15 minutes?!?! NOT HAPPENING. Not to mention, there was granite after granite after granite to choose from! Oh, and guess what?! I choose a VERY rare granite for the kitchen that will have to be ordered. I am getting used to it now though, nothing new! ;) He had a whole yard full of slabs of granite and I was OVERWHELMED to say the least. Luckily, mom's contractor sent her to the same counter top place, so we are going back this Friday! I was so overwhelmed I could not think, but this Friday we will have more time (and my momma's advice) so it will go over much more smoothly! 
We then had Mexican for dinner and headed home to relax!
I, of course, slept in Saturday morning and the husband was wide awake at 6:00 (which is normal for him). Mom called that morning and asked if I wanted to ride with her and my dad to look at hardwood floors, tile, and granite. From the damage of the tornado, mom and dad are going on and renovating the whole house. While there, my mom and I got carried away and dragged out sample after sample of hardwood floors. We found my hardwood floors while at it! They are beautiful! And I saw tile I LOVE! We ate lunch at Milo's (another one of my favorites)!

When I got home, Lee and I decided to go to the river ride for a couple of hours. Lee wanted to make sure the boat was running properly before taking it two hours away to the lake. It ran great, thank goodness! 

We got home from the river and Lee headed to meet my dad and bro-in-law at the races. My mom and I went to do some house shopping. (I need to note that I bought the husband something;) We then met my sister for dinner at FIREBIRD'S! We went back to my sister's and watched Pregnant in Heels and painted fingernails.

We went to Sunday school, lunch at Ezell's, Sunday nap, to get my bedroom furniture (which will go in the guest room) at mom and dad's, then back to church for eating and singing!
I noticed before church Camden was  spending a lot of time in his litter box. He then decided to take a squat on the rug (SHHH, hubby doesn't know that;) Well, I popped him, and then it clicked. My baby has a UTI :( Talk about feeling guilty. I popped that poor baby and he didn't feel good. Makes me sick at my stomach:(  He never uses the bathroom anywhere but his litter box so I was for sure he had a UTI. I thought I would wake up early Monday morning and take him to the emergency vet (considering it's a holiday). Well, momma couldn't sleep anyway from worrying, so guess what?! I loaded him up at 10:00 and we headed to the vet. It took about 40 minutes to get there. He "used it" for the doc by just rubbing him. She tested it, and momma was right! They had to give me two bottles of medicine b/c "big boy" has officially earned that title;hHe weighs a whopping 16 pounds. The last time I weighed him he was 10 pounds. Needless to say, he has gained a few! 
He is finally resting, but still not himself. :(

I woke up and CLEANED, CLEANED, CLEANED while Lee worked outside. I LOVE having a clean house! I'm a little OCD though. It's not really dirty to start with, but I HAVE to deep clean EVERY time I clean (which is usually every Thursday).  Lee's mom got us some bar-b-q for lunch. It was yummy as always! After lunch we went grocery shopping. 
Saturday night, while shopping with mom, I found some lamps I LOVE. Wellll, when this girl gets something on her mind, it's not going to leave until it's mine! SOOO, we headed to Home Goods and bought two lamps which I plan to use in the Master bedroom! We then went to two different Ross's and I got some baskets for organizing and a huge chest thingy (don't know what you call it). I plan to put blankets/quilts in it! We also bought a fire pit that was practically 75% off!
We then met mom and dad for dinner at Outback! 

We had a great long weekend! 
Back to work until Thursday, then SUMMER starts!

They are back to work on the house today. Update tomorrow:)

Hope Everyone had a BLESSED Memorial Day! :) 

May 26, 2011

House Building Update (May 22nd-24th)

 Brick started going up MONDAY and it is going up QUICKLY! Sheet Rock started going up Tuesday and it is also going up QUICKLY
It is so exciting to come home to see how much brick has gone up!
These pictures were taken Tuesday. When I got home yesterday, they had made A LOT of progress but I didn't snap pictures... shame on me:(
But here are some pictures I took on Tuesday! 
I will for sure get some today:)

Yesterday we chose our stacked stone for our "real" fireplace. Our "real" fireplace is in our family room. The other two will be your normal. As a matter of fact, we are going this weekend to pick those out.

We met with the counter top man on Tuesday. 
We are going to the show room TOMORROW! I am pumped about that....
We also met with the door man and chose our inside doors as well as the door knobs and our crown molding!
We chose our vents for the outside yesterday.
I have a meeting with the light woman next Friday.
I have also got to go choose cabinet hardware and tile for master bath, laundry room, back splash, and upstairs bathrooms next Thursday! (I know I said all of this in my last post.... thought I'd add it again;)
Stacked stone for the outside is coming today... we hope!

That's all I can think of for now!
Update hopefully tomorrow!

May 25, 2011


Linking up with Jamie... :)

Most of what I am loving right now is to do with home decorating but I wanted to throw in my latest purchase I am loving....

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
It is awesome! Not too thick; just the right coverage..... ;)
I mainly want to share some home decor inspirations I am loving right now.....

Master Bathroom
 LOVE the charcoal gray tile with the white! Looks so crisp and clean!!!

Master Bedroom Inspiration....
 Can you tell I am obsessed with gray?? Overboard a bit?! :)

The next few pictures are lighting inspirations.... 
Got an appointment next Friday with the lighting woman!!

 Any websites for lighting ideas... PLEASE let me know:)

Living Room Inspirations

Not crazy about this room? 
I saved it b/c I like the blinds... What do you think??

 Master Closet Ideas
I do not have to have a closet worth thousands of dollars. But I want some organization.
We are putting a lot of drawer space in our closet to eliminate cluttering the bedroom.
Below are a few ideas... :)

Out of the 300 inspiration ideas I have saved on my computer, thought I would share a few!

What do you think?
If you have any decor blog/websites you love, PLEASE let me know? :)

All opinions welcome!!:)

May 23, 2011

Monday Memories/ Building Update (May 14th-22nd)


Friday, Lee took a half day to get caught up around our house. When I got home, we left out to Tannehill State Park! Lee's mom rents a cabin every year at this time for Trade Days, which is a place for people to sell their crafts. We sat by the campfire and had smores, my favorite!


Lee got up early to hit it at the new house... I got my beauty rest and went over about 9. I had to get some girly stuff done that morning and grocery shopping. Then I went home and made us a picnic!
 I helped Lee clean up the mess from the construction that went on during the week (I am now feeling the pain from bending down and standing up a million times... can't believe I am THAT out of shape;)....

About 3:00 we headed back to Tannehill for a bit. Stayed there about an hour then ate dinner with Lee's aunt and uncle at Logan's and headed to watch his cousin race! Interesting atmosphere to say the least, but I will have to admit it was fun!:)


We got back to our normal church routine! Sunday school, "big church", lunch @ Sumo's, went to visit my parents, choir practice (for me;), training union, the night church! Felt good to get back:)

Building Update
May 14th-22nd
I have been slacking on my building updates...

They have finished plumbing, electrical, and HVAC stuff for now! The roofers started last Thursday, the fireplaces are set, the brick was delivered Friday. 
Brick is starting today, insulation going up today, sheet rock delivered today and probably starting sheet rock Wednesday!
Cabinets are in the process of being built. Still trying to get the right color for cabinets. Currently on sample number 2 and still deciding!
Meeting with the counter top man this afternoon... and meetings lined up every evening this week.
It's moving FAST! And I love it!
Appliances are ordered!
Got to decide on one more sink for half bath... (By the way, the cabinet man is building the cabinet for the half bath, after ALL THAT!;)
Also, currently deciding on paint colors which is dealing my fits! I got back and forth daily ;)
Got to go look at stacked stone for the fireplace inside one day this week as well as cabinet hardware... Tile man is also meeting with us one evening this week.
I hate saying this because I know everyone in the world is BUSY, but things around the Pody household are CrAzY to say the least! ;)

(One more week until SUMMER!:)

Roof going up (hopefully finishing it today)

Tried to make it quick and to the point!
I am sure there will be another update very SOON!

Hope You Had a BLESSED Weekend!

May 19, 2011

To Buy or Not To Buy??...

 Now that I have used my Ulta goodies a few times, figured it was time for me to voice my opinion on these products.... :)

(All prices on these products are estimates;)

 1. Neutrogena Wave Sonic- On sale for $13 when I bought it
This item I really like so far. It makes my face feel very smooth and after a few uses I can tell a difference. I have been trying to use 3 to 4 times a week.
Would I purchase again? Absolutely!

2. Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Mask- Around $15
I do not like how it applies... it is very lumpy and does not spread easily.
It did make my face feel smooth and clean when rinsed, but overall I am not impressed with this product.
Would I purchase again? Nope.

3. Yes to Cucumber Make-Up Removing Wipes- Around $5
I have loved these little handy wipes. When I am lazy and do not want to do my bed time routine I use these bad boys. I have to use two to feel like I got it all... they give your face a tingling feeling, which I love, but some may not. Sometimes, I will even use one wipe before washing my face b/c I like the way it feels! :)
Would I purchase again? Definitely!

4. Too Faced Bronzer (Leopard Pallet)- Around $30
I have mixed feelings about this item. I do not think it is worth the 30 plus dollars I spent on it. It does give you a little shimmer but overall not too impressed!
Would I purchase again? Probably not.
5. Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Roller (tinted)- Around $13
My first use of this product I was afraid I was not going to like it. I gave it another shot, and dabbed a little of the concealer I normally use over it and I really liked the way it looked. I actually do not have dark circles, but for some reason I have always used concealer. So with a little assistance of my concealer, this product has me approval!
Would I purchase again? Sure, why not!

Tried to make this post as short and to the point as possible!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask by email or comment, whichever you prefer! ;)

Have a BLESSED day!

May 17, 2011

Our First Home....

 Here is a short & sweet tour of our first home...

Lee has been living in this house for 11 years (I think). When I first entered Mr. Pody's home, I knew there was going to be a million few changes... 
EVERY.SINGLE.WALL was white... don't get me wrong, I love white but you felt like you were in an insane asylum. Our first step HAD to be painting.... 
ACTUALLY, the first step was A LOT of shopping for house decor but I want go into that :)

The Foyer

The Kitchen

When I first came along, the counter tops were a beautiful maroon and the floors were white (turned brownish yellow) and maroon checkered laminate. Let's get real, it was HIDEOUS!
So we did some changes that you see below....

The Living Room

I know, I know... you are LOVING the floral couches ;) 
We chose to not buy any new furniture, b/c we knew we would eventually build and wanted to buy all new when the time came....

Our Master Bedroom

Not perfect, but we put a lot of sweat into our little home and did our best to make is "ours."
Lee and I planned on eventually building... Our original plan was to build in 2 or 3 years.
I guess that's what we get for planning, someone else has bigger plans for us :)
We never dreamed we would be ready to build 4 months after marriage, but it just felt right (that will have to be another post, or this post will be EVEN longer;) Soooo, we started the process....

And a part of this process is selling our home....
LONG story short, things did not work out with the original buyers who told Lee YEARS ago they wanted the house... that fell through so last Thursday Lee went to buy FOR SALE signs...
I penciled them Thursday night and Friday afternoon traced it with a marker...

Friday night, when we got home from our date, we decided to go on and put the signs out, it was about 9:00.

 Of course, some little fur ball had to help me...
(Mommy, please don't make me move AGAIN!;)

We put the signs out at 9:00 Friday night and the house SOLD at 10:00 the next morning! It was for sale for 13 hours! 
People were fighting over it! 
(It is in a great location and sits on an acre lot;)

We did not expect it to sale SO quickly! 
Yes, we are VERY thankful... but sometimes when I come home,  I get a little sad:(
We put a lot of work into this house to make it feel like a home...
BUT what makes me feel better about this, we sold it to a family that lost EVERYTHING in the tornado.
We were able to give them all of our furniture too!
She told me she feels like she has hope again and that makes my heart feel so good.
She told Lee she was going to follow him to make sure he took down all of the signs. :)
Oh, and her daughter wanted to know if Lee came with the house as well;) I thought that was cute....
She was SO excited, she even came back the next day to look around and get more pictures.
I could not be more happy for this family...
We are just moving up the road, so they will be our new neighbors as well!

May 13, 2011

House Update (May 11th - 13th)

 My window for above my tub came Tuesday and it was installed when I got home!
Once again, this picture does not do it justice. I have got to invest in a new camera, mine is ancient 5years old. ;0)
It is prettier than I expected... it just sparkles and shines! LOVE it!

 The framing crew finished up yesterday. 
My arches are ALL framed throughout the house!!

The garage doors also have their arch now;)

 The plumbers, electricians, and HVAC men come in from work and hit it hard until dark!

Here she is so far!
The chimney is going to have a few adjustments done, and the archway to the front door will not be quite that large!
It's coming along!

My gas lanterns for each side of the front door arrived yesterday! They were perfect and made so well!
Went with our door beautifully

I also met with the cabinet man again yesterday to get prices and discuss everything...
He has been doing this for 30 years so I have A LOT of confidence!;)
He is great and trying to teach me to SPEAK UP... very nice man:)
Anyway, we called him today to finalize things so cabinets should be underway soon!

We also finalized our appliances yesterday. We decided on all Kitchen Aide appliances! I'm a little OCD so it really made me happy to have everything the same brand;) 

Another thing to add to my TO DO LIST is choosing cabinet hardware...ASAP!... 
The place closes at 5 and not open on weekends! Makes it quiet difficult!

Have a BLESSED Weekend!! :)

May 11, 2011

House Building Update (May 9th-10th)

I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to start back my house building updates...
Things are moving very quickly and they are really backing up so I decided to go on a post them.

A LOT has been going on the past few days!
Monday, the cabinet man came to sketch where the cabinets will be, discuss some options for shelving in the closet, discuss color options, etc. 
The HVAC men were also there to discuss vent locations and to see what kind of work they have in store for them.
The windows arrived Monday as well and they had a couple installed when I got home.
The electrical work got started on Sunday.
Plumbing is almost complete. I think the water lines have to be ran, not positive about that.
We also ordered our gas lanterns this past Saturday night, so they should be arriving sometime this week. It was a spur of the moment purchase!:)

 Tuesday, we had an appointment to select our appliances. 
I thought it was going to be difficult, but it was actually the easiest thing yet.
We chose our gas cook top, our hood (which will be built in b/c I want my cabinet man to custom build something), dishwasher, electric stove, microwave, and refrigerator. They all ended up being the same brand, which is Kitchen Aide. I am very excited about that. I also picked out a washer and dryer we may purchase at a later time. :)
The roof man also came yesterday to scout things out...
It seems that EVERY person that comes along says this is the hardest house they have ever worked on (including the roof man)!
It takes a lot of discussion, changes, and decisions on this one!
Leave it to me to choose the most difficult house!!

The framers are still working but mostly just minor things left to complete. 

On our way home, Uncle Lynn called and told me there was a surprise waiting on me and he deserved a hug!
I came home to my front door!
After all the worry it all worked out and it is EXACTLY what I had in mind.
This picture does it no justice what so ever but it is beautiful!

A lot of the progress on the home is not visible with pictures. 
But things are going QUICKLY!
Everything hit us at once this week but it's been stressful fun! :)

On our TO-DO list:
-measurements of appliances for cabinet man
-pick out a mop sink
-have a vanity in mind if needed
-finalize all plumbing fixtures
(my mind can't think of the rest right now)


House Building Update (May 6th- May 8th)

 Friday, I came home to more completed!!!

The back chimney is up as well as the covered deck's roof!

Saturday, there was A LOT going on! 
Lee's parent's were burning wood, Casey and Matt were plumbing, the framers were there, and I was taking pictures :) Just kidding, I helped clean up behind everyone...

 The upstairs tubs were installed...

 Casey and Matt also came back Sunday and got a lot of the plumbing done, and Brian our electrician got started as well! It's coming along fast!
Today, (Monday, May 9th) we are meeting with the cabinet man!!!!! :)
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