May 6, 2011

My trip to ULTA!

After school yesterday I decided to head on to Ulta, considering I was scrapping for foundation on Monday. I knew I could not go another day. I hate going across town during the week because once I get home, my evening is gone and it's BACK to work before I know it.
I really enjoyed my mini shopping trip and on my way to Ulta, I remembered my gift certificate from my parents (birthday gift) and my coupon for free items! That made up for the dreaded mid-week outing (I act like I'm 80 years old).
I am going to list the items I bought, obviously I have not used most of them yet, but when I do I will give you all some reviews on the products.

1. As you know, I needed foundation. I wanted to try something new, but did not know what to get so I stuck with ole faithful Bare Essentials. BUT I have been cheating and not applying the mineral veil, so I picked me up some mineral veil; hoping it will make it last longer.  
(Question? Should I be using the Clear Radiance also?)

2. I have been wanting the Olay Pro X (whatever it's called) for a while and EVERY time I go to Ulta to get it they are out. Sooo, I saw the Neutrogena Wave Sonic on sale, so I thought I would give it a try. Last night was my first try and so far so good! Made my face feel so soft and smooth.

3. I then picked up the Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes. Sometimes when you are too tired to wash your face or camping they are handy. Also heard from some blog friends they work well so I'll let you know my opinion soon...

4. I also picked up the Yes to Cucumber Soothing Facial Mask. I tried it last night (As you can see, I had a little beauty night last night) and I do not like how it feels when you apply it. It does not smooth out easily, it's lumpy feeling. But my face felt very clean, smooth, and refreshed after it was removed.  
Still deciding how I feel about this item.... ;)

5. THEN I came across the Too Faced bronzers and after a while of contemplating I decided on the Too Faced Peach Leopard brightening & perfecting bronzer. Not to mention, the print is super cute...
6. At the checkout line, they always try to real you in with the cute mini samples of everything. Well, I am the one who grabs a couple before checking out. This time around, I grabbed the Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect. They smell great and one even has a SPF of 20.

And for my two free items (using Level 3 coupon)
1. Revlon Color Splash lip gloss in Gold Dust
2. Ulta Nail Polish in Concrete Evidence (It's a pale grey color) I put it on my toes last night and hated the application process. You think it's going on messy, but in the end it looks very smooth.
3. Lastly, they gave me a free sample of PRIME TIME!

I was very excited about my purchase... I LOVE buying stuff like that.

I also went in Target.
I bought the Garnier Skin Renew anti-dark circle roller (tinted). Used it today and not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I am going to give it a couple more days though:)
I passed up A LOT of cute dresses, capris, and tops:( Target has some really great clothes!

Can't wait to tell you how I feel about the products!
If you have any beauty products you can't live without, let me in on your secrets!! :)

Have a BLESSED weekend!! :)


  1. Oh - ULTA is my weakness!!! :) I bought the Wave Sonic yesterday and so far I like it. I loved the way my face felt afterwards!!! :)
    I'm curious to know how you feel about the Garnier anti-dark circle roller after a couple of uses.

  2. I know! LOVE me some Ulta;) I will definitely let you know probably by next week... I used it today and have mixed feelings, but we will see:)

  3. ooooooooh i an soooo jealous of your goodies. i take a little skincare/makeup shopping trip soon!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog. i always do my very best to follow people who comment back to their place to leave a little love!

  4. Great job! I loved reading about shopping trips! It makes me almost as happy as when I go myself : )

  5. I love ULTA! Your wedding pictures are so adorable!

  6. Love your wedding pictures!

    Following you from the Fab Friends blog hop! Would love for you to follow me back. :)


  7. I can get lost in ultra for hours it seems! I use Olay ProX and it's been pretty good, but I haven't payed close enough attention to really review if it's worth the cost over cheaper versions! I also use the roller, clear though and LOVE it! It slowly grew on me and now I use it at least twice before I leave the house :)

  8. I love getting new stuff like that!! I have been thinking about the Garnier roller...I couldn't find it at Target yesterday, maybe I didn't look hard enough!! Keep us updated on that!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

  9. Every single time I go to Ulta I always end up with waaaaay more than what I was originally needing! haha I use to the Wave Sonic and I LOVED it, it really worked for me!

  10. New follower of your cute blog! I love Ulta I am kind of a makeup fanatic!

  11. ahh love ulta, i am due for another trip this week (even though i went not even a week ago!) that too faced bronzer is SO cute, i know they have another leopard one but it doesn't look nearly as soft and matte as the one in your photo; i might have to check it out!

  12. Girl, that store is DANGEROUS! I can drop some serious money in there and not even realize it!

    I'm out of bronzer and I miss it terribly. This may be an excuse to go shop!!! =)


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