May 26, 2011

House Building Update (May 22nd-24th)

 Brick started going up MONDAY and it is going up QUICKLY! Sheet Rock started going up Tuesday and it is also going up QUICKLY
It is so exciting to come home to see how much brick has gone up!
These pictures were taken Tuesday. When I got home yesterday, they had made A LOT of progress but I didn't snap pictures... shame on me:(
But here are some pictures I took on Tuesday! 
I will for sure get some today:)

Yesterday we chose our stacked stone for our "real" fireplace. Our "real" fireplace is in our family room. The other two will be your normal. As a matter of fact, we are going this weekend to pick those out.

We met with the counter top man on Tuesday. 
We are going to the show room TOMORROW! I am pumped about that....
We also met with the door man and chose our inside doors as well as the door knobs and our crown molding!
We chose our vents for the outside yesterday.
I have a meeting with the light woman next Friday.
I have also got to go choose cabinet hardware and tile for master bath, laundry room, back splash, and upstairs bathrooms next Thursday! (I know I said all of this in my last post.... thought I'd add it again;)
Stacked stone for the outside is coming today... we hope!

That's all I can think of for now!
Update hopefully tomorrow!


  1. Your house is already so gorgeous! I love brick and stacked stone together. Can't wait to see the finished product!!! =)

    Btw, I just found your blog through WILW. Your blog is adorable!

  2. hi new follower! found you thru the bargain blonde...

    sooo exciting to be building a house! can't wait for more updates!

  3. Love brick homes! Ours is too! ha :) I love log homes too!

  4. That is so exciting! We are currently looking for houses and I think THAT involves too many choices! I can't imagine building one! That takes a special kind of decision making =D

  5. That was at the early stage of construction, so you’ve got a lot in your plate back then. I hope the stress didn’t overwhelm you. This post was a few years back, so I could only hope that there weren't any major issues until its completion, and that it’s still in great shape until now. Have a nice day!

    Lois Schneider @ Ranchers’ Rise


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