May 4, 2011

Our Tub Has Arrived!

I ordered our Cast Iron Pedestal tub from Vintage Tubs about 2 weeks ago.
I was VERY nervous about making such a big purchase online. 
The tub was suppose to arrive last Friday and I called them in a panic because I knew they would not get through all of the "check points" in Concord due to the tornado. 
They were EXTREMELY helpful and VERY friendly.
I called them a rescheduled for Monday and on Monday I got the call that the delivery truck was on the way!
Little did I know it was an 18 wheeler that was trying to make it through our little neighborhood roads!
The driver called Lee for the alternate directions because roads are still blocked and will be blocked for a WHILE (understandably)
In the end, my beautiful tub arrived with a little scratch on the back of it which will not be seen.
SOoO she's a keeper!! 
And THIS girl is happy and satisfied (which makes the husband happy too;)!
Check out Vintage Tub... they have BEAUTIFUL items!

OF COURSE, I could not find the picture I was looking for. 
But the below picture will give you an idea.
Our faucets will be antique bronze (dark brown) instead of silver and the pedestal on ours is different.
She's a beauty and I can't wait to find a chandelier to hang above her!:)
(I'm still searching for that picture because it shows our sinks we ordered for our master bath as well!!)
Any suggestions on the light fixture to hang above will be greatly appreciated!

(You girls didn't know yall would be dragged brought into building/designing this house too!... your opinions honestly help me though:)


  1. Gorgeous tub! My mother-in-law would love that! She's all about those things! :)

  2. Oooh that's stunning *sigh* I want. Hehe. Looks like your house is going to be stunning when it's all done. Still praying for everyone in your area!

  3. LOVE your tub girl!!!! :)

  4. Alright, seriously so jealous of your tub!! It's awesome! I hope you enjoy many bubble baths in that puppy.

    love, dana

  5. p.s. I am now following you :)

  6. What a gorgeous tub! I am now following you too : )

  7. I love stuff like that - looks so 'classic' but function is all modern! Can't wait to (hopefully, hint hint) see pictures of it in the bathroom. :)

  8. Your blog is beautiful, I'm looking forward to reading! :)

  9. Utility sink faucets come in single and double styles, and often include such useful tools as a spray nozzle or a rotatin or movable shower-type head. You can also buy extras such as a bottle washer fitting or a water filter which attaches to the tap itself.

  10. Your new tub is beautiful. Your cat is darling. Oh, OK your hubby ain't too bad either. ;)
    I am following you via fab friends blog hop. Mamaw would love for you to follow on over to my blog.


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