May 23, 2011

Monday Memories/ Building Update (May 14th-22nd)


Friday, Lee took a half day to get caught up around our house. When I got home, we left out to Tannehill State Park! Lee's mom rents a cabin every year at this time for Trade Days, which is a place for people to sell their crafts. We sat by the campfire and had smores, my favorite!


Lee got up early to hit it at the new house... I got my beauty rest and went over about 9. I had to get some girly stuff done that morning and grocery shopping. Then I went home and made us a picnic!
 I helped Lee clean up the mess from the construction that went on during the week (I am now feeling the pain from bending down and standing up a million times... can't believe I am THAT out of shape;)....

About 3:00 we headed back to Tannehill for a bit. Stayed there about an hour then ate dinner with Lee's aunt and uncle at Logan's and headed to watch his cousin race! Interesting atmosphere to say the least, but I will have to admit it was fun!:)


We got back to our normal church routine! Sunday school, "big church", lunch @ Sumo's, went to visit my parents, choir practice (for me;), training union, the night church! Felt good to get back:)

Building Update
May 14th-22nd
I have been slacking on my building updates...

They have finished plumbing, electrical, and HVAC stuff for now! The roofers started last Thursday, the fireplaces are set, the brick was delivered Friday. 
Brick is starting today, insulation going up today, sheet rock delivered today and probably starting sheet rock Wednesday!
Cabinets are in the process of being built. Still trying to get the right color for cabinets. Currently on sample number 2 and still deciding!
Meeting with the counter top man this afternoon... and meetings lined up every evening this week.
It's moving FAST! And I love it!
Appliances are ordered!
Got to decide on one more sink for half bath... (By the way, the cabinet man is building the cabinet for the half bath, after ALL THAT!;)
Also, currently deciding on paint colors which is dealing my fits! I got back and forth daily ;)
Got to go look at stacked stone for the fireplace inside one day this week as well as cabinet hardware... Tile man is also meeting with us one evening this week.
I hate saying this because I know everyone in the world is BUSY, but things around the Pody household are CrAzY to say the least! ;)

(One more week until SUMMER!:)

Roof going up (hopefully finishing it today)

Tried to make it quick and to the point!
I am sure there will be another update very SOON!

Hope You Had a BLESSED Weekend!


  1. Cute little picnic and the house is really coming along!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my (work in progress) blog! You are adorable and I'm excited to see the rest of the house building adventure! We are working on purchasing land and starting our own dream home on my in-laws farm.

  3. Oh the house is coming along so great! I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!

    You've got a Stylish Blogger Award waiting for you over on my blog! Check it out :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by This Farm Family's Life. My girls and I had a picnic on Saturday also. Your wedding photos are gorgeous!!

    have a great day!

  5. Cute blog! I am excited to follow you and see the house updates! Thanks for checking out my blog earlier today! :)

  6. SO CUTE! :) I can't wait to see your house all done!

  7. WOW - looks like they've made great progress and my goodness do you have a lot of decisions to make. Good luck:)

  8. Progress is going fast! Hey can you make me a picnic lunch? :)

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments! It's going quickly! Brick started going up yesterday! Pictures to come:) Thanks again!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet (well meet through a blog) a fellow Alabamian. Haha. Love your blog.

  11. Just found your blog! Congratulations on building your own home! We purchased our home a little over a year ago & I can't wait til we are able to build one of our very own!

  12. I am so glad you did! Thank you so much! That is awesome! Going to check your blog out now:)


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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