June 6, 2010


Mom and dad came to visit on Saturday. We road on the lake all day long looking at our dream homes;), ate lunch at Chuck's on the Lake, and ate we all cooked a HUGE dinner with our friends that night! Mom and dad got to experience how much we cook while at the lake, there is always enough left over for everyone in the campground!

First picture in our boat! (Thanks to mom;)

Dad and Lee talked the whole time. (I do not know how they heard each other over the boat!)

Lee doing the talking....

Dad doing the talking.....
(Notice queen B in the front;)

I love riding at the very front!


We went for a boat ride with the whole group! We stayed on the lake for about 5 hours and ate lunch at Chuck's (again). For dinner, it looked like it was going to rain, so everyone half-way packed up, got dressed, and went to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. We went for the easier route;) We had so much fun, as always! We are going back this Thursday, then going the for July 4th!

Can't wait!!:)

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