May 25, 2010

Monday Memories!!... a day late:)

During the day, I went with my mom and sister to get their hair done, pick up the basket shower cake and lunch at Olexia's, then to get all of the food for my shower! Then Lee and I did our weekly house-looking;) and we had a quick dinner at Dave's Deli. We had big plans to do some running around, but I was SO tired and not feeling too well, so we headed to Lee's to rest!
My Basket Shower was wonderful!!
I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family! I was so happy to see everyone. I got a bunch of goodies and I will post pictures when I get them from Ale! Thank you so much to those who came, it meant more than you will ever know!!:)
Kalli (my future niece) wrote me the sweetest note and gave it to me at my shower. I will keep it forever! and I have to share in with everyone.... ;)
Thank you for,
teaching me loveing me hugging me going to cheer nasicks with me. careing for me going with me everywhere. I love you Nat and I can't wait to be in the wedding. I am so excited about that I now it's going to be fun. I love you Nat and I love Lee too and I love him for doing these things too. I love yall in the whole wide world. Nat + Lee=LOVE
(On the back she drew a bride and groom, then her and Colson)
How sweet is that!! It made my heart melt!:) I love that little girl so much!!
Saturday night, my family was in town from Georgia, so we relaxed, ate BAR-B-Q, watched the race, and played with little Miss Ansleigh Kate!:)
Memorial Day at Wind Creek is huge, so you have to take your camper down a week early to get a good spot. We have our boat this year, so we had to get a place on the water! We took everything down Sunday morning, and thankfully we did, because we got a waterfront spot with luck! Lee's parents joined us to make setting everything up easier! We are leaving Wednesday, so now we don't have much to do when we get down! I am so ready to be there!!
Sunday night, Kalli and Colson (niece & nephew) were in a play at church! They were so PRECIOUS! And Kalli had a speaking part and did great!! They are the sweetest children in the world!!
Have a Wonderful Week!!

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