May 10, 2010

Monday Memories!!


Lee got off work early to start on the shed he and his Uncle Lynn are building for the boat! I DO NOT know how I got sucked in on the project, but I got stuck holding hammers, carrying wood, holding this and that, etc. WOW, I was miserable!ha Just not cut-out for that kind of work! As soon as they were done for the day, we headed out on our "date night".... Of course, we rode around forever looking at house ideas! That is our favorite thing to do at the moment. I have found the perfect house that I cannot get out of my mind, and once that happens, there is no changing it!;) After riding, we had to go to the Summit to pick up a few more invitations for my basket shower coming up!! (May 22nd!) Then we ate dinner at Sweet Bones Alabama... Lee's steak and ribs were yummy! But mine, not so much! I got BAR-B-Q nachos... I don't recommend those for you locals;)


Bright and early in the moring, we headed to Georgia for this precious angel's 3rd Birthday!

(Picture by: Lyndsey Cunningham Photography)

This is my baby cousin, Ansleigh Kate (one of my flower girls;) She is the only baby in our family, so you can imagine how rotten she is! I just love her to pieces!! She is one of the sweetest little girls in the world! She had so much fun at her 3rd birthday! Olivia, the pig, was the theme... I have never heard of her, but Ansleigh loves her, so whatever little princess wants, she gets!!
We came home the same day; we got home about 9:00. Fun day with the fam!!


Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies out there!! (Even those with furry babies!)

Lee and I have found a church we absolutely love! The past 4 Sundays we have visited, and I like it more every time. After church, we took Lee's mom for a ride in the boat. She hasn't had the chance to ride in it. It was a chilly ride! After our ride, we went to my house for steaks, baked potatoes, and banana pudding! SOO YUMMY!

I am enjoying my month break, but I do not feel I am being very productive! Just lazy!!:)
I worked out a couple of times last week... and I worked out tonight! Still trying to eat better, but not going to lie, I haven't done too wonderful thus far!! There is still time though!! I also have a lot to update on Wedding Wednesday!!

Hope Everyone has a Great Week!!
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