June 21, 2010

Friday night, Ale' took pictures for us (they will also be ready soon) Poor Lee had another photo session! The ones below are a few mom shot (I DO NOT know what that black dot is in all of my pictures;)

After the photo shoot, we ate dinner with my family at Pompanoes!! After dinner, Lee and I went shopping, and I found the exact dress I have been looking for!:)
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  1. Hi! I am a friend of Lee's from Hueytown Elementary School. I ran across your blog and noticed you mentioned the black spot on your pictures. You may have already fixed the problem, but just in case you haven't . . . check the lens. You may have something on in or need to have it professionally cleaned depending upon the type of camera you have. Hope it is gone!

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  3. Thanks so much! Yes, it was just a spot on the lens, but my camera screen is small, I didn't see it until I loaded my pictures onto the computer! My camera is old and needs to be replaced very soon! :)


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