April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

On Saturday, my side of the family gathered at my house to celebrate Easter! It was a beautiful day so we were able to play outside and ride all of our big toys! 

We dyed Easter eggs that evening. It was mommies first time in charge of the process and the boys first time dying. I think we had a pretty successful experience, with blue hands to prove it!:)

Gage couldn't quite grasp why we couldn't dye the plastic Easter eggs too...

 ...and in Graham's world they are balls,

that have squishy, smelly stuff inside...

that EXPLODE! (A little boys dream come true!!)

Our finished products;) 

Easter morning... Gage loved his new monster trucks the most!

In this picture, it looks like a morning that went perfectly as planned... 

BUT don't let these cuties fool you!!!
 The neighbors probably thought I was beating my children while trying to get them dressed! I HAD everything laid out, bags packed, hoping for a smooth Sunday morning. Well, the boys had other plans!haha Once their clothes were on they had a great day though! Minus Graham interrupting the                             entire church service by wanting me to chase him! (insert emoji with big eyes;)

After church we had a delicious lunch at Lee's parents and hid Easter eggs...

Once again, Little mister got to play with those super cool balls! 

We ended our Easter Sunday eating chocolate rabbits on the front porch.

Well, Gage enjoyed his and Graham crushed his.... 

Another perfect EASTER...thank you, Jesus!



  1. Adorable boys. I enjoy your blog. Mine is http://thewinklersworld.blogspot.com if you want to follow our journey! :)

  2. We had a rough start to our Easter morning as well so you are not alone. But you got a great pic in their Easter outfits. When they are eating their chocolate bunnies they look like they are the same size! Glad you had a nice Easter.

  3. The boys looked adorable in their little outfits! Love the family photo of you all :)


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