February 11, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!!.... OOoPs:) It's ALREADY Thursday!!!

I know I say this all the time, but this has been a CrAzY week!! So, this week will be a Wedding Thursday!!:) Sorry. I have school all day, and work at night, and yesterday I had tutoring for a first and second grader! I was so nervous about tutoring a child on reading one-on-one, but it went GREAT!
ANYWAYS... back to wedding plans....
Saturday, my mom, grandmother, sister, and I went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING at Diane's in Jasper!! and
It was not what I had in mind, I was actually going the opposite direction, but it was PeRfECt:) I can't get into detail because Mr. Wonderful may read this blog;) and I can't give him any hints;)
Yesterday, me, two of my bridesmaids (Erica & Rachel) and my sister went to lunch at Cocina Superior, and to Bridesmaids Inc. to look at Bridesmaid dresses... and I think I have found them too!! SoO Excited!:) I have a few pictures from our girls day I will post later! Everything is continuing to flow wonderfully:)
I have another busy day today, and I am starting a new adventure/"job" Updates on that later!I am in class now, so I better get to listening;)
Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Day!

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