March 28, 2013

Project: Getting My Life Together...

Last week was our Spring Break... Oh how I miss you!
But we do not have much longer and it made me SO excited to spend the entire summer with my little buddy!
During my time- off,  it was my goal to get our home back to our "Pre-baby home" if you know what I mean. Let's just say, you have to clean at a different pace with a 6 month old! It took me ALL week to complete my list.
I love to be organized but when you become a full- time working mommy... Your priorities change...

Do not judge... BUT this is our closet before... EEEKK!

After 4 big garbage bags full of STUFF... this is what we got!
I know, it's not the beautiful Pinterest closets that have velvet hangers and matching baskets, but THIS girl refuses to spend a lot of money on all that non-sense. These are baskets from our Basket Shower that was given to us before our wedding...

I organized our bathroom...
I've always had a make-up bag but decided I would try a make-up drawer. So far so good!

I then moved on to the "butler's pantry" (since we have our very own butler, you know;)
I printed some free labels from Pinterest and laminated them...
I put Gage's babyfood in the drawers... it works great!

It felt SO good to mark the last things off my list!

Linking up for SAW. PINNED IT. DID IT..

I even completed a Pinterest project!

I saw this...
Inexpensive scarves holder idea made of a hanger and shower curtain rings

I knew I wanted to do something easy and of course, cheap!
I had the white hangers and bought clear shower curtain hooks from Walmart for like $2.
I just doubled up scotch tape to secure each hook and this is what I got!
I decided to do one row of hooks on two separate hangers.
So far, it works perfectly. Cheap, convenient, and it only took about 30 minutes!

I also organized all drawers, the pantry, kitchen, and even the medicine cabinet... 
ALL with this little helper by my side the entire time! :)

Have a BLESSED Thursday!


  1. The closet looks great!! I bet it feels amazing to walk in there and see it clean now! Mine looks about like the "before" pics and I have no energy to make it look like the "after" quiet yet!

    1. It really does... I feel you, I only had energy because I was on a break! :)

  2. Looks amazing!! Now come do mine?? haha

    1. I seriously would... I would love to be a professional organizer! :)

  3. I stay at home and our closet looks like your before picture!! I've got a lot of work to do! Love your scarf hanger! May have to try that! :)

  4. *sigh* looks fabulous to be organized! Now I'm inspired. Spring Break is just about a week away for us. Now I know what I'll be up to! You did a great job!

    1. I wish ours was a week away:( Thanks girl! Good luck organizing! :)

  5. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love organizing things so to me it sounds like the perfect spring.break :) you did a great job an have inspired me to do some organizing around these parts :)

    1. Girl, I love organizing too... I swear I get a high while organizing!haha I'm such a dork... Glad I inspired you! Happy organizing! :)

  6. It looks good you did a great job mamma! & the little helper is too adorable... He has gotten so big!

  7. that scarf hanger is a fab idea. I might just do the same! :)


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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