March 5, 2013

Happy 6 Months, Goose!

Happy Half Birthday, My Big Boy!

"What you looking at?!"


 Height: 27 inches

Sitting up perfectly
Stretches his arm way out in front of him to grab an item
Cries when you exit the room
Smiles big when you enter
Holds his arms up out (like he is flying) to be picked up ALL THE TIME
Squeezes around your neck like he's giving you a hug
Holds on to the back of your arm while you're carrying him
Saying: MA, MA, MA, MA
           DA, DA, DA, DA
         BYE, BYE, BYE, BYE 

  • First Word Bye-Bye... 
I love this video;)

  • First Valentine 

  • First time wearing a tie...

  • Received first pair of tennis shoes! (Thanks, MiMi)

  •  First time riding in a buggy like a big boy! (Picture on old phone)

  • First Veggie, SQUASH then carrots!

  • First fruit, bananas!

  • First attempt at new walker!
  • First birthday party for his cousin, Harper!

 (He had on a precious outfit but we had a MAJOR blowout, if you know what I mean;)
  • Can't forget, we "watched" first premiere of Duck Dynasty;)

  • Went to first Wild Game Feast at church!
We also spilled our first drink at Wild Game Feast. Mommy looked away for a split second and sweet tea went everywhere!!

  • Cried when I came home, because he wanted me to pick him up!

  • Cried when my sister left after keeping him all day! Well, we actually had her leave the room a couple of times and he would start crying, then when she left, he cried for her. :)

  • Went to his first baby shower for baby Kase and Wedding shower for Aunt Erica...

Carrots, Squash, Banana/Apple/Oatmeal (pretty much anything you put in his mouth)
Nap nanny
Laughing at daddy
When daddy says "Down, Set, Hike!" 
His kitty
Being held (ALL the time!)
Bath time...
Watching strangers (he's definitely a creeper) We have to turn his highchair around so he can watch people at a restaurant.

Other Updates:
He eats three 4 oz. bottles and two 6 oz. bottles a day. We started out the month eating a fruit/oatmeal blend for breakfast and veggie for supper. Now, we have moved to fruit/oatmeal blend for breakfast, veggie for lunch, and fruit and veggie for dinner. He is wearing a size 3 diaper (moving to 4 when we finish this last box!) He is wearing mostly 9 month clothes, he can still wear a few 6 month sleepers and some 12 month outfits as well. As far as sleeping... it depends on the night. The child goes from one extreme to the other. He will sleep through the night one week, then the next he gets up several times a night. (I think his gums are hurting him.) We haven't moved to his room YET, but plan to soon. The nap-nanny has been in his pack n' play but trying to lay him flat again. He usually takes one long nap and 2 short naps a day. He is a friendly little boy and smiles at everyone. Everyone always comments on what a happy baby he is. He's definitely rotten though, wants to be held and someone around at all times. He is into everything and grabs anything in his reach. He's definitely all boy and a momma's boy at that!:)

I want to end with a fun caparison...

 This little boy has my heart...


  1. I love the picture of him in in his tie!!!! He is too cute!! Happy 6 Months!!!

    1. Thank you so much! He looks like such a big boy in his tie! :)

  2. Happy half year, sweet boy! I love the comparison picture!

  3. Happy six months, he is adorable & love his new tennis shoes :)

    1. Thank you girl!! He thinks he's such a big boy:)

  4. Girl your nights sound like mine, Liam will go for awhile sleeping all night and then he is up and down the next. Hopefully these boys will get this sleeping all night down to give us a break lol.

    1. Girl, I sure hope it gets better! He is a handful that is for sure! :)

  5. We celebrate a half-birthday, too!!! Love the pics and your little man! New follower!

  6. OMGosh what a cutie!!! Love that owl pillow :)

    1. Thank you girl! (The owl pillow is from pier one!;)

  7. Wow!! He's grown so much! Six months was such a big milestone for us. BGT loves squash too. Sweet potatoes, peas and apples were always favorites too!

    1. Girl, too fast! He is doing really well with is fruits and veggies! I hope he keeps it up! :)

  8. Sweet Boy! Happy 1/2 year Gage Man! I loved hearing his sweet little voice on the vidoes. ;)


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