March 6, 2013

WILW: Hair Product LOVES!

Let's talk hair...

Let me start by saying I have very fine hair. Pregnancy was very kind to my hair. A lot of times, your "pregnancy hair" falls out, but for the most part mine stayed! At least that is one thing that improved from pregnancy, if you know what I mean!;)

For Christmas every year, my cousin's wife (who is a hairstylist) gives us (meaning my sister and I) tons of goodies for our hair, one of my favorite gifts! This year she hooked me up with items I will definitely purchase when I run out... 


1. Matrix Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner
I do not usually spend lots of money hair products. A 6 dollar bottle of John Frieda GO BLONDE! is my go- to shampoo & conditioner. Honestly, expensive shampoos usually just doesn't do it for me. Probably because they are not as harsh on your hair as the cheapo brand. I will definitely be purchasing this when I'm out!

2. Ulta Blonde Shampoo
I got level 3 free items from spending too much money in Ulta. I like to switch shampoos/conditioner about every third day. I use this shampoo if I plan to curl my hair. It makes it a little coarser than normal so the curls hold longer. 

3.  Redken Strength Bulider Conditioner
This is like a mask for my hair. If I am staying in all day I will put it all over my hair, but it is a little too much for my fine hair, making it flat. If I wear my hair straight I will just put it on my ends. My brush runs through with no tangles!

4. Bed Head After Party
This is a lotion serum (putting oily serum on my hair results in a disaster!). I apply it to my ends after drying and before straightening. I can even use it without straightening my hair on lazy days and it tames the frizz.

5. Brocata Moveable Hold Hairspray
I cannot stand hairspray that makes my hair stiff. This hairspray provides just enough hold without my hair feeling like straw!

6. Brocata Blonde Bombshell
This is a heat activated volumizing spray. I use it everyday while my hair is wet, curls or no curls! Gives my fine hair a little more texture.

7. TRESemme Freeze Hold
This is my go-to hairspray also. It says "freeze hold" but it's not, which I prefer... and it's affordable!

 Any products you prefer... let a sista know!

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  1. As a hairstylist turned stay at home mommy that has VERY fine hair also, let me recommend the Aquage uplifting foam. It provides the best volume for fine hair that I have ever seen. I use the Tresseme hairspray you have listed and I like it fine. When I can get to the beauty supply store my favorite hairspray is Kenra #25. That stuff is awesome!

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much! Where can I find the Aquage? :)

    2. You'll have to googlle it, it's sold in specialty salons.

  2. I hear you about the hair falling out thing. I was fortunately able to keep all of mine as well and am SO thankful for that! Your wedding and baby pictures on the side are beautiful Natalie! Just stopped over from WILW!

  3. As a hairstylist I lobe love love hair products! If you like non sticky hairsprays try Kenra #13, good hold with a touchable feel and very build able for more or less hold.


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