April 8, 2013

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! The weather could not have been more perfect... Makes me so happy!

Friday evening, we laid low and stayed at home. We devoured some delicious BAR-B-Q and enjoyed the outdoors...

Saturday morning, I got pampered with fresh, pretty toes and nails. Then headed out to enjoy the day with my mom and sis. When we are all together, it is a guaranteed day full of laughs. My sister thinks everything I say and do is just hilarious. My mom said she could never lose us in a store because we are always loud and laughing. Those two girls are my heart, along with this little guy checking out the birds....

(He was so cute talking to the birds. He say and watched them for awhile. I love that little round 'noggin! )

We ate lunch at our favorite spot, Olexia's, bought some baby gifts for upcoming showers (of course, some little chucky boy got some goodies too;), my sis and I spent our giftcards at Ulta, went to Target and got a couple of dresses courtesy of MiMi, and then ended our adventure at PetCo.

Saturday night, we had dinner with my parents at Crack Barrel.

Sunday morning, we went to Sunday school. Gage made it through another lesson...third week in a row!

We had lunch on the patio at Firebird's. It was so beautiful.
(He's just got to learn to tilt that head back!)

Then we headed for Oak Mountain State Park to get some exercise...
We did a little "hiking" (baby style). It was actually just a trail, but it makes me feel cool to say we went hiking.

(He was so good the whole time, never made a sound!)

We enjoyed a smoothie after our walk then decided to tackle grocery shopping!

We went to Wal-Mart for the basics but we try not to get out produce/fruits/vegetables from there, if you know what I mean.

We were trying to be all-natural, health-nuts and go to the local neighborhood market called Earth Foods. Well, we decided it was not necessary to pay 6 dollars for 3 pieces of broccoli. (I wish you could have seen us roaming around aimlessly). We then ventured to our all time favorite Publix!

I was proud of our colorful refrigerator. Yes, this looks very healthy for the Pody Household...
Wish me luck to yet ANOTHER attempt at shedding these last few pounds of baby weight!

After unloading all the grub, we spent the evening taking in every minute of the sunshine...
(This baby LOOOOVES riding the mule and HAS to "drive" in daddy's lap!)

We ended our Sunday watching the ACMs.
(Our little country boy was zoned in!)

And passed out literally 10 seconds after his head hit his mommy's chest!

Another wonderful weekend full of blessings...
Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Wow...y'all had a busy weekend!!

    Your little man is adorable. I love that hat!

    1. We sure did! Thanks girl, buybuybaby :)

  2. Good luck on the last few lbs!! I have 7 more, literally UGH!! I've been working out every single day for a month & a half and nothing. I look more tone, but nothing is coming off lol, I blame the bad eating habits!

    1. I feel you girl. These last few pounds are a killer! I can't say I've been working out but hey, I can start now right!!:)

  3. We do the same thing with WalMart and Publix, I just can't bring myself to buy produce from there!

    1. Me either girl! Publix has much fresher fruit and veggies!

  4. Busy but fun weekend it looks like! Glad you enjoyed time with family & the hubs of course! Do you have IG sweet girl? If so I would love to follow! PS little man is getting so big :(

    1. Sure do. @nataliepody. Fair warning... You will see a lot of pictures of Gage. I'm a little obsessed:)


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