April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday...

1. This week has been a little crazy. A lot of changes being talked about at work. As a teacher, CHANGE is not liked!

2. But coming home to this little guy always makes it better... I thought he looked especially cute in his sleeper and matching paci Monday night.

3. Gage was so precious watching his daddy cut grass. On our walk, we had 3 neighbors cutting grass, he was so amazed by the rowdy lawn mowers. He kept grunting for his daddy, thinking he could hear him. It was so funny!

4. Yesterday, we went for a walk, cleaned house, Gage road with daddy on the mule, and some little guy crawled, like REALLY crawled for the first time! But after his busy afternoon with no nap for 6 hours, right when his little big ol' head hit the pillow he was OUT!  
(But then he was up at 1:00, crying for 1 hour straight!GRRR!)

5. In a previous post I talked about getting my last few pounds of baby weight off. Well, I am happy to say, I AM 4 POUNDS DOWN! I don't mean to brag, but I am so proud. It's very hard getting these last few pounds off, so each pound is HUGE! I even threw away a piece of cake (which is VERRRY unlike me) and we walked every evening this week followed with some stomach exercises! Hoping I can stick to it:) 

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  1. I think it's ok to brag!!! It IS so hard!! I have 2-3 pounds left....plus some for me though!!
    We have a lot of changes coming at school, too. Blah!
    Congrats girl!!

    1. Thanks girl... It is very hard! I am very excited! Best of luck on your next few! :) And boo to changes:( It will all work out though!

  2. Well done on loosing 4 pounds! X


  3. Awww what a cutie you got there!


  4. Your little man is the cutest!!


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