April 5, 2013

Natalie & Lee.... Our Story

Excited to be joining Megan, Mandy, Jenna, Shay, Lindsey, and Jenn for the Love & Marriage series!

While in college, I worked 3 jobs. My main 2 jobs were a gymnastics teacher, receptionist at a gym, I also cleaned 3 houses. I am sure you can guess which job I met this man....

The gym...
 I worked at the gym for about 3 years. Lee came to workout on a daily basis, usually after work.  
*Side note,  Lee looked familiar the first time I saw him because about 4 years prior, he went to the same church as me. We never really spoke, I just remembered his face... just a fun fact.*

Anyway, he came into the gym like clockwork. I was currently in a serious relationship and honestly wasn't interested in anyone but my high school sweetheart. Also, Lee being older, the thought of us being together never really crossed my mind. He would ask for protein shakes, we had a few conversations here and there, he was always SUPER nice, and he wasn't too bad in the looks department either ;).

I tried to set him up with three different girls. Nothing too serious, just showed him pictures of some girls I went to college with, asked him if he thought they were pretty, I spoke with one friend and told her all about him. Thank the good LORD he had me in mind the whole time. ;) Pretty crazy thinking about that now!

A few pictures while dating...
 Wedding Rehearsal for a close friend

 First beach trip!

 First fishing trip...

 Trip to Talledega

 Lots of trips to Lake Martin

 Making memories at Wind Creek

 Bristol Race with my family!

Lee and I went on our first date in March and we got engaged  7 short months later on October 17th, 2009. He proposed at the alter of a little white church in Cades Cove while vacationing in Gatlinburg. 

 (Us right after he proposed)

♥ How it should be
I was busy with school and began my last semester of school, which was student teaching. We had a lot going on so we were engaged for 1 year...
(View more engagement photos HERE)

 We got married on November 20th, 2010.
It was a perfect day and we were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather.
(You can view our wedding HERE.)

So there you have it... a little summary of how Our Forever began!

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  1. What a sweet, sweet love story!! You two are such a gorgeous couple...it's no wonder you made such a precious baby. Seriously swooning over your wedding dress!

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you so much! I didn't get back to your last comment... I got his Easter outfit from a local boutique. His Easter shoes I ordered from polo online. The suspender/tie outfit and leg Warmers are from etsy! I will look at the shop name and let you know;) thanks again for your sweet comment!

  2. Such a sweet story! So glad those other girls never worked out! (I love love love Cade's Cove! It is so beautiful there! Our engagement rings are really similar! )

    1. Girl, me too! So crazy to think I was trying to "set up" my future husband! ;)

  3. I love how your forever began sweet girl! That is so precious & I have so been to that little white church in Cades Cove! I love Cades Cove especially early morning to see the sunrise :)

  4. So very sweet! We seem to have the same engagement ring, love princess cut. :)

    1. How cool! Princess cut is definitely my favorite!:) thanks girl!

  5. I love your story! It's crazy the timing of things, but so glad you met your match! :)

  6. Catching up on blog posts here so I am late commenting on this post but We got back from our family trip to Gatlinburg a few weeks ago. In fact we were at that same church, wish I would have known that's where you were engaged, that's so cool! We love Gatlinburg and just had to take our kids for their first trip to the mountains. Love your story, it is so sweet!


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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