March 15, 2010

Monday Memories!!

It seems we have been having very laid-back weekends lately... but I have really enjoyed it!
I studied all day, because I had to take the YUCKY, DREADFUL Praxis on Saturday:( So we just relaxed, ate, studied, watched tv, ate some more, studied, watched tv, ate some more etc.;)
I woke up bright and early and headed to take the PRAXIS.... I studied the book made for the test, and not a THING I studied was on it! I am not going lie, it was NOT easy... I flew through the math part (math is my subject;)... the english part was ok, science was not so easy, but the History, Wow, I had no clue!!! I am NOT a history person!! So, I am just hoping I passed it by luck!
After the test, I met Lee and his parents at Red Lobster and ate some yummy cheese bisquits (like I needed them). I am supposed to be eating healthy and working out for this wedding coming up! And I am doing worse than I ever have!! They say happiness brings you pounds, and it is SO true!! I have gained like 8 pounds!! I would rather be happy though;) But changes are going to be made very soon! Now that the weather is warming up, I will be able to run, and go to Oak Mountain with Lee!! I have Spring Fever badly! Anyway, I stopped at TJ Max before Lee and his parents got there, I have always been a Ross shopper, but I was very impressed!! They were much neater and organized!
Lee and I love looking at houses and getting ideas, so after lunch we rode around in Trussville and Hoover! I love looking and getting ideas!!
That night, we relaxed:)
We ate lunch at Firebird's and had some errands to run like: Sam's, Lowe's, and we went to every Sally's Beauty Supply b/c they have discontinued the product I use to scrunch my hair!! I was so upset, but the internet always saves you!! It should be here by tomorrow!;) Summer time is when I need it most!!
Last night we met my family for dinner at Habenaras! Then we all watched The Amazing Race!
It is the first time in like 20 years for UAB to have the same spring break as everyone else! So, Lee and I are excited about that! We are heading to the lake Wednesday and staying through the weekend! :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! and I hope those off for Spring Break relax & ENJOY!:)

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